Former WCCW Valet Baby Doll Talks CM Punk Fan Incident, Here Family History In Wrestling, More

Source: Kayfabe Wrestling Radio

"These guys were so smart. You had Dusty's genius of putting all these guys together, cause if you look at the mass of talent that Dusty brought in; that we were running two or three towns a night, every night, it was just crazy. We had like an A Team and a B Team and a C Team, but when you look at the cards, neither card was better than the other; people were getting amazing wrestling action in this time. And with Tully and I, it was just people hated us and it was cool to be driving down the road from Atlanta to Charlotte and people would pass us and we'd pass them and we would get recognized in our car, going 70 miles an hour down the road and Tully was like that had never happened to him before. He said 'This is magic baby, this is magic. We're gonna make some money so get ready for the ride.' I still remember that to this day. People were pointing at us and shaking their fists at us because they hate us and we're just driving down the road. It was crazy, it was really fun and I was very lucky to be where I was at."

Her reaction to the CM Punk Fan Incident: "Number one: you never go out into the crowd, never. I mean, you're fair game. That's the way I look at it; Punk went up into the audience and he's their number one heel. That's pretty much throwing the peasants to the lions; you know what I'm saying? I can't say that the fan was wrong, because we've got them all hyped up and yea, yea, yea. He wasn't doing anything except for hitting him; it wasn't like he was getting punched or anything, he just got a flat hand to the head. Punk had no reason to hit the guy, I mean seriously. Punk went up into the audience. Number one, where was the security; that was my main beef with it, because if security was with him, if he had two or three guys around him and followed him up there to back people off so they couldn't touch him, then it wouldn't have happened. So my deal is, whosever big idea it was to have Punk go up into the audience; that was stupid. If it was Punk's idea, he got what he deserves because you never go out in the audience.

"Number two, where was security? If those two questions got answered then I think we've figured out what it was but going to and from the ring, I was never went out and looked for a fight. You know? I was going out to do my job. Punk went out and up into the audience and you never ever, ever; that was one thing we were always taught was never go out there because you're asking to get hurt but if someone came over the guard rail or came into the ring, then that's our territory; you asked for what you got. It's kind of like the same thing, if a fan comes over the guard rail, you're ours; same thing if we go over the guard rail, we're asking for whatever we get.

You can download and listen to the full interview at this link.

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