- Eric Bischoff recently appeared on The Ministry of Slam radio show in the U.K. and discussed the importance of Impact being live.

"Being live makes all the difference in the world. An audience at a live show, particularly one that's been conditioned to now know the excitement of a live experience, come to the event with an extra buzz," Bischoff told the radio show (via Fighting Spirit Magazine). "Whether it's in the UK or over here in the Impact Zone which is still very challenging to manage, due to the nature of a soundstage and tourist attraction the crowd come to the show with a different expectation when it's live. It's a higher expectation, they're more engaged and have a higher level of energy. That engagement and increased sense of energy really translates and connects with the performers. They feel that intensity from the audience."

- Robbie E. posted his latest blog on Spike.com listing reasons why he should be elected President.

- Here is video of Christian York unanimously passing "Gut Check" this past Thursday night on Impact Wrestling:

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