Another Detailed Set Of Results From WWE's Live Event In Lisbon, Portugal

Commercial brake time. There are some Daniel Bryan and some Yes chants throughout the show. There's Charles Robinson and another ref I've never seen in my life. And I'm sad, because I would not be seeing Fandago for the first time. Buh.

Ted DiBiase vs. Jack Swagger

They came out and the crowd was indifferent. Boy, was this different from what happened in the end. It was really interesting to see how they would get the crowd attention and excitement. The card played was the Gangnam Style dance. Ted DiBiase did it once and the crowd loved it. Jack Swagger was livid because DiBiase was mocking him, dancing while he was not looking. They did it: the crowd was into it. The match ended when DiBiase jumped of the corner and landed bad on his leg, setting up the Ankle Lock by Swagger, which gave him the win. It was cool to see Swagger with a smile on his face. Man, he is huge.

Intercontinental Championship: Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz

Best match of the show. They were great at it, and the crowd was so much into it. There were split chants throughout the match. It started with a lot of the fans chanting "Miz is Awesome". They looked surprised in the ring: Kofi was talking to fans (me included) saying "Really? You like him?" while Miz was dancing to the tune of the chants. The kids soon started countering the chants, which provided and awesome and really fun "Miz is Awesone/Kofi Kingston" chant. The two guys in the ring didn't disappoint, and gave and awesome match, with nothing bad I can say about it. Kofi got the win with the Trouble in Paradise kick, and the place erupted. So great seeing these guys having fun and doing what they do best, and a crowd that was loving it and making it great.

World Heavyweight Championship: Big Show vs. Sheamus

Big Show comes first, hated, and then Sheamus, with a great ovation. It was a normal match between the two, but I feel that they could do more. They relied to much on the crowd rooting for Sheamus, which was not as strong as one can suppose, because we were tired from the Kofi vs. Miz match. Maybe if they opened the second half with them and put DiBiase vs. Swagger before the main event the reaction to Sheamus would have been better, because the crowd would have rested. I don't know, I'm not an agent, and I'm sure they had their reasons to do the card like that. The truth is the match was near to become boring, and I was disappointed at it. The match ended when Big Show realized Sheamus was coming with the Brogue Kick and pulled the referee in front of him, which caused Sheamus to stop. The referee was not thrilled to be put in harms way and disqualified Big Show on the spot. Big Show gets angry, sets up the KO Punch, but Sheamus ducks and hits the Brogue Kick. The crowd cheers and Sheamus celebrates with them, before leaving the stage. All this time, Big Show was in the ring and did not move. The music stops, the lights get turned on and Chimel says thank you and good night. All of the sudden, Big Show wakes up and stands up in a move, with his hands in a boxing style, and asks "did I win?". Funny as hell. The ref says he didn't, he picks up his title and leaves with his chin up, snob style. Hilarious. Not as much as annoying him through the match with "Forty-Five" chants, though. He went mad at them.

Overall, it was a good house show. To me, it was good enough for them to want to be back. Let's hope they do. And if you've never been to a live show before, try it. It is such a unique experience.

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