'TNA Turning Point' Results & Your Feedback

'TNA Turning Point' Results & Your Feedback
Welcome to our live, match-by-match coverage of TNA Turning Point exclusively from WrestlingINC.com. We will have detailed match-by-match results here. You can also enter your comments during our coverage below.

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TNA Turning Point 2012 begins with Taz in the ring and he says he has something important to say. He says he's proud to work for a company that cares about the Hurricane Sandy survivors. Taz introduces Buckethead and Bully Ray to the ring. Buckethead comes out in a suit.

Buckethead thanks TNA, Dixie, and the fans for their support. He says they want to break the Guinness Book Record for most texts during a PPV. He says it's just 10 bucks. Buckethead instructs the fans what to type in their phone to the Red Cross. Bully starts a TNA chant to start the night off the right way.

-We go to the opening video packages for tonight's event.

-We go to pyro and crowd shots. Mike Tenay is joined by Taz and Todd Keneley and they welcome us to the show. The announcers discuss tonight's card. We go to the ring. Christy Hemme introduces Magnus followed by Samoa Joe.

TNA Television Championship: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Magnus

The ref holds the belt up and the bell rings and they waste no time exchanging strikes. The action goes outside and Joe hits punches to the face and sends Magnus into the steel steps. Joe sends Magnus back in to "Joe" chants. Joe hits shots in the corner and kicks and a flying knee to a seated Magnus and gets 2. Joe ducks a clothesline and hits a flying knee to Magnus and takes him down. Magnus comes off the ropes with a clothesline but doesn't immediately capitalize. Magnus sends Joe in and hits his own knee to the gut.

Joe hits an Enzuigiri in the corner and Magnus rolls out. Joe grabs a chair and throws it at the head of a charging Joe. Magnus takes over in the ring. Magnus drops a knee for only 1. Magnus looks frustrated. Joe catches Magnus off the top with an inverted Atomic Drop and hits a snap powerslam for 2. Magnus goes for a leg scissors but Joe drops him in a powerbomb and applies the STF. Magnus reaches the ropes and applies an armbar to Joe. The crowd chants for Joe as the ref checks him for a submission. Joe counters into a cover and gets a near-fall. Joe hits another Enzuigiri and puts Magnus up top in the corner. Magnus fights him off and goes to the apron for a knee to the chest of Joe. Magnus goes up top and hits a nice elbow drop for 2.

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