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Ryan hits a suicide dive through the ropes and sends RVD back in for two near-falls. RVD reverses Ryan but Ryan gets his boot up in the corner. Ryan drops RVD on his head with a spike DDT but RVD kicks out. Ryan hits a Mustache Ride neckbreaker off the 2nd rope in the corner for 2. RVD turns it up with back to back clothesline and a kick. RVD hits Rolling Thunder and a standing moonsault for 2. Ryan counters into a jawbreaker and puts his feet on the ropes for a pin but the ref sees it. RVD catches Ryan's foot and hits a kick to the head and flies off with the 5-Star Frogsplash for the win.

Winner by pin And STILL TNA X-Division Champion: RVD

Matt Morgan hits the Carbon Footprint to RVD out of nowhere on the stage and lays him out.

-We go to the back to a nervous Joseph Park. He says it's about being a man and he will probably get his butt kicked but he's going in a man and will come out one too.

-We go to an Aces & 8's video package.

Doc vs. Joseph Park

Doc walks to the ring alone through the fans. Park comes down the aisle with no music. Doc glares at Park as the crowd chants, "You can do it." Park looks around nervously. Park goes for a single leg but Doc counters and throws him off. Park ducks a shot in the corner and connects with a slap to the face. Park avoids Doc and escapes to the outside. Doc corners him and grabs a chair and swings but hits the steel post. Park moves again and Doc punches the steel steps. Park runs again and Doc connects with the security rail.

Park sends Doc in and gets hit with a punch to the gut. Doc grabs a chain but the ref takes it away. Doc goes out and grabs the hammer that beat Sting from under the ring and takes it in the ring. Park hits a double leg and unloads with shots. Park grabs the hammer and hesitates which allows Doc to hit him from behind. Doc continues to work Park over. Doc drops a big elbow and gets 2. Doc hits a big splash in the middle of the ring for another near-fall. The announcers talk about Sting's attack. Doc tells Park to stay down and hits some ground-and-pound. Park keeps trying to get up.

Doc mounts him with more strikes. Doc waits for Park to get all the way up as Park tells him to bring it. Park unloads with shots and shoulders, taking Doc down. Doc hits an elbow in the corner and hits the steel spiked belt to Park behind the ref's back. Park is busted open. Park sees his own blood and transforms into a madman. Park unloads on Doc and sends him in and hits Abyss' side slam. Park snaps back to normal and makes the cover for 2. Park hits Doc with a chair to the back of the head from the floor and makes the cover in the ring with his back but Doc kicks out. Doc applies a chokeslam out of nowhere and drives Park to the mat for the win.

Winner by pin: Doc

Doc mounts Park immediately with strikes as the ref finally gets him to stop. Doc goes out and grabs the hammer and gets in the ring. He chases the ref out but Bully Ray comes out and chases Doc off. Bully gets in the ring and checks on a laid out Park. Bully helps him up to cheers and applause. He raises Park's arm. Park nods and thanks him.

-Bobby Roode cuts a promo with Borash and he says tonight he will get one step closer to regaining his title.

TNA World Tag Team Championship: Chavo & Hernandez (c) vs. Daniels & Kazarian

Kaz & Daniels are out first. Chavo & Hernandez are out next. We see Hector Guerrero on Spanish commentary. The bell rings as Chavo and Daniels start things off. They lock up and Daniels takes him back to the corner. Chavo speeds things up with 2 armdrags and stomps Daniels on the mat. Chavo hits a hiptoss which brings Kaz in. Chavo hiptosses Kaz and he goes rolling to the floor. Chavo hits a Thesz Press out of the corner on Daniels and hits shots to the face. Chavo hits shots to the face mounted in the corner on Daniels. Kaz comes in and attacks Chavo from behind as the challengers double team and take control.

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