'TNA Turning Point' Results & Your Feedback

Winner And NEW #1 Contender: James Storm

-We go to Aces & 8's in their lair. Devon explains what the brotherhood means to him. He tells Kurt Angle that his beating was just business and he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. We go to an Aces & 8's video.

Devon vs. Kurt Angle

Devon is out first though the fans and Angle is out next. Angle goes right at Devon as the bell rings with intense offense. Devon turns things around and hits a shoulderblock to take Angle down. Devon stomps Angle and works him over from corner to corner. Angle turns the tables and hits a snap suplex and rolls into the cover for 2. Angle hits shoulders in the corner and sends Devon in but he moves and Kurt goes into the post and to the outside.

Devon goes out and drives Angle's back into the security rail and sends him back in for more punishment. Angle tires to mount a comeback as Devon argues with the ref but is shut down. Devon takes too long showboating before he makes the cover and Angle kicks out. Devon charges in the corner and cleans Angle's clock. Angle hits a reverse elbow out of the corner and a missile dropkick off the ropes. Angles turns it up with flying forearms and a belly-to-belly for 2. Devon counters an Angle Slam and hits a vicious clothesline. Devon goes up top but Angle runs up and brings him down the hard way. Angle applies the Ankle Lock but Devon kicks him off.

Devon hits a Rock Bottom to Angle for 2. Angle slips out of Devon's hands and hits a trifecta of German Suplexes and hooks the leg for 2. Devon brings Angle off the top with a powerbomb and gets a near-fall. Devon fights off another German and hits a vicious spinebuster for another 2. Devon goes up top but Angle moves and Devon headbutts the mat. Angle hits the Angle Slam but Devon kicks out. Aces & 8's surround the ring and distract Angle. Devon hits a spear but Angle still kicks out. Angle applies the Ankle Lock and Devon quickly taps.

Winner by submission: Kurt Angle

Angle immediately dips out of the ring as Aces & 8's rush the ring. Doc yells at Angle across the ramp from the ring and says he's next and he's dead.

-We go to the back as AJ is walking, distraught. He is asked what he is going to do now. He doesn't answer.

-The announcers talk about AJ not getting another title shot for a year.

-Austin Aries cuts a promo in the back with Borash. He says Hardy's story will end in tragedy. Aries says he need nobody's support and he will regain his title back.

-We go to a video package for our main event. A Tale of the Tape is shown.

TNA World Title Ladder Match: Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Austin Aries

Aries is out first as both titles hang high above the ring, the ladder is on the entranceway. Hardy comes out next. Borash makes the formal introductions. Aries ducks to the floor as Hardy starts a clap with the fans. Aries gets back in and hits knee on the lock-up and throws Hardy to the outside. Aries goes to get the ladder but Hardy meets him and they return to the ring. Aries gets the 1st-man-in advantage and the action goes back out. Aries sends Hardy into the steel steps and retrieves the ladder and puts on the apron but Hardy attacks and the ladder falls to the floor.

Aries sends Hardy from corner to corner but Hardy hits a head scissors to take Aries out of the ring. Hardy slings himself over the top for a crossbody on Aries and the ladder. Aries and Hardy fight over the ladder and Hardy shoves both into the steps and dives off the steps onto Aries. Hardy flies off the apron to take Aries down again. Hardy takes the ladder into the ring and sets it up under the belts. Aries comes in and climbs up over Hardy's back on the ladder and hits a Russian Leg Sweep to take Hardy down. Aries sets the ladder up between the ring and the security rail and takes Hardy out and drops him across the ladder and flies off from in the ring with a forearm and drops a knee from the apron.

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