Source: Wrestling 101

Wrestling 101 recently interviewed TNA star Chavo Guerrero Jr. Here are some highlights:

Getting his first break with WCW: "Wrestling in WCW was awesome because I was so young and it was a great mix of wrestlers. We had older wrestlers that had been around since my dads time like Arn Anderson and Paul Orndorff then we had the younger generation wrestlers which included guys like William Regal and Fit Finlay, then there were the likes of Eddie, Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit, and even younger guys like Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho.

"There was such a big mix of people that we really learned all different styles from all different eras. Every era of wrestling changes, it is always evolving, so we learnt so many different things and that's what I took away with me the most from my time in WCW, it was just like going to school, I was at the Harvard for wrestling."

The final episode of Monday Nitro: "That final night nobody really knew what was going on, we had all heard the rumours that WWF at the time was going to buy WCW and we just didn't really know if it was true or not. Then all of a sudden we see Shane McMahon walking around and that's when we realised it was really happening. A lot of people were on edge because they were scared for their jobs but really I wasn't because I knew I could wrestle, and that is one thing our granddad told us, if you know how to wrestle you will always have a job."

Signing with WWE: "I think it helped me a lot that Eddie was already in the WWE and we would speak regularly when I was still in WCW. They were two completely different companies that had two different philosophies on wrestling and business. It was great to have a heads up from Eddie of what I was going to be coming into, I wasn't walking in with cold feet."

Teaming with Eddie Guerrero and winning the tag team titles: "That was our dream come true, as kids we always fought in the backyard and would pretend we were the tag team champions of the world and not the individual heavyweight champions. So for us to actually win the tag team championships in Madison Square Garden was just a dream come true and was something we had practiced and rehearsed since we were eight-years-old."

Working with Vickie Guerrero after Eddie's passing: "That was really cool, and it was something that just happened out of the blue, she never had any interest in becoming a wrestler or getting involved in the business, but she was so good at it, Eddie must be looking down at her from heaven and he would be so proud."

If people in WWE were taking notice of TNA while he was in WWE: "At first it wasn't, TNA was seen as just coming up in the business but then little by little they started to pick up more momentum and at this point in time I think TNA has the most momentum we have ever had. If you look at our roster compared to anybodies, WWE's, New Japan, Ring of Honor, I think we have the best roster in the world right now."

Similarities and differences in working for Eric Bischoff, Vince McMahon and Dixie Carter: "First of all they are all great businessmen and women, they are at the head of companies because being a business person you have to be able to make those hard decisions and make good decisions, so that's the similarities.

"Differences, to me you have Vince McMahon who rules with fear, you better watch out or he's going to cut your head off. Dixie Carter she rules with love and she is happy to have you on her roster and when you do well she lets you know about it. Eric Bischoff, he was kind of in the middle, sometimes he was very mean and wanted to bite your head off and other times you would go out for a beer with the guy."

You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

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