TNA Impact Results: Roode Vs. Storm (#1 Contender), AJ Speaks, Knockout Battle Royal & More

-Garett Bischoff asks Kurt Angle in the back if he can be his tag partner tonight. Wes Briscoe says Kurt has been training him since high school and wants Kurt to pick him. Kurt picks Garett but tells Wes he has big plans for him.

Jesse w/ Tara vs. Eric Young w/ ODB

Young locks up with the ref as Jesse looks on from the apron. Jesse catches him from behind and drops him for a 2. Jesse stomps Young and hits a powerslam. Jesse flexes his quads and drops a leg on Young for another 2. Jesse stops to kiss Tara and resumes squashing Young. Jesse applies and abdominal stretch as the ref checks on Young. Young powers out with a hiptoss and starts to "Hulk-Up." He takes off his trunks down to "USA" underwear and turns it up on Jesse. Tara comes in and is hit with a spear by ODB and they roll out. Young hits a powerslam in the ring as ODB stomps Tara on the floor. Jesse hits a standing Stunner in the ring for the win.

Winner by pin: Jesse

-Back from the break and we see footage from Aces & 8's Doc and Joseph Park's match from Turning Point.

-We go to Hogan's office where Joseph Park is begging him for one more match. Hogan says, "no" and says there is a long list of casualties and there are no updates on Sting either. He says Park is not trained to be a wrestler. Park takes that as a suggestion to go to wrestling school. Hogan tries to talk him out of it but fails. Park leaves with excitement as Hogan says, "He won't be back."

-We go to the ring as Magnus makes his entrance but he is met by Aces & 8's at the base of the ramp. Devon clips Magnus' knee with a bat and sicks the dogs on him. He has them hold Magnus down and instructs Doc to hit him with the hammer. Doc strikes Magnus in both knees as Magnus writhes in pain. Devon goes to swing at Magnus' head but Bully Ray runs out and Aces & 8's escape. Al Snow and other trainers come to Magnus' aide as he screams in agony and we take a commercial break.

-Magnus is placed on a stretcher and taken to the back as he moans in pain. He really does a good job of selling it all.

-We see footage from the Aries/Hardy Ladder Match from Sunday.

-Austin Aries is asked outside of a trailer how he's feeling. He takes off his shirt and shows his bruises and walks into another trailer to get a massage. Hardy is already there getting one. Aries says they put on one hell of a match and Aries brought it out of him. He says Hardy needs the massage more than him and leaves. We once again hear Jeff Hardy's thoughts. His thoughts cut an Ultimate Warrior style promo without all the screaming. He talks about entering dimensions and what not.

-Kurt Angle comes to the ring with Garett Bischoff. Kurt says he doesn't need a dart to choose who he wants to hurt. He says nobody threatens Kurt Angle and they're waiting. We go to a break.

-We're back as Christy Hemme introduces Aces & 8's. Four men walk out including Devon and Doc. They try to decide who will get in the ring.

Kurt Angle & Garett Bischoff vs. Aces & 8's

Devon gets in the ring and he takes over on Angle and then he tags in a large masked man. Angle gets the best of the big man and tags in Garett. Garett hits a shoulderblock and follows up with a dropkick. He tags Angle in but Devon interferes from the apron and he tags in to take over on the Olympic Champion. The big man comes back in and keeps the pressure on Angle. Angles hits a German Suplex on the big masked man. Devon comes in and gets one also. Angle clotheslines Devon out of the ring. Garett is attacked on the outside and the masked man in the match grabs Angle in a Full Nelson for Doc to hit him with the hammer. Wes Briscoe comes out swinging a pipe and chases Doc out. Kurt rolls up the big man for the win.

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