TNA Impact Results: Roode Vs. Storm (#1 Contender), AJ Speaks, Knockout Battle Royal & More

Winners by pin: Kurt Angle & Garett Bischoff

-Tara and Jesse walk toward Brooke's office and decide to just walk in and find her sitting on a couch with Bully Ray. They suddenly get up and Bully leaves. They both look very 'caught off guard.' Brooke tells Tara to decide for herself who she is going to wrestle. Tara tells Brooke to lock the door and she leaves with Jesse.

-We go to Dixie Carter in a video commenting on AJ Styles.

TNA Knockout #1 Contender Battle Royal: Gail Kim, Madison Rayne, Mickie James, Miss Tessmacher, ODB

The bell rings and they all go at it. Mickie hits shoulders to Madison in the corner as Tessmacher takes it to Kim. ODB is down in the corner. Mickie and Gail both turn things around on their current opponents. Gail hits kicks and punches to Tessmacher and throws her to the apron. ODB scoops Gail up but Madison kicks ODB in the gut. Gail and Madison work together on ODB. Tessmacher makes it back in and takes over on Kim but Madison throws Tessmacher out from behind. ODB and Mickie team up against Kim. Madison gets it too. ODB hits a fall-away slam on Gail and does a kip-up. She sits up top and does the Dirty South to Madison and Gail. Taz is great on commentary here. Mickie throws Madison on the apron and ODB finishes her off with spewing mist in her face from the flask and she falls to the floor. ODB runs into Mickie and Gail throws ODB to out and to the floor. Madison fights up against Gail but is hit with a big clothesline. Gail sends her into the corner and stomps her. Gail blows us a kiss. Mickie fights out and does a head scissors over the top but Gail hangs on. Mickie Superkicks Gail out and gets the win.

Winner and NEW TNA Knockout #1 Contender: Mickie James

-We go to James Storm in the back. He says he knows he raised the stakes and knows what the consequences could be. AJ walks by and stops. Storm asks if he can help him. AJ walks away. Storm says he's done. We go to commercial.

-We return to Aces & 8's lair. The main guy tells Doc to not let the door hit him on the a** on the way out. Doc gets up and stares at the men as he starts to leave. He opens the door where a masked man is waiting with his jacket. They all celebrate.

-AJ Styles comes to the ring in an AJ shirt, jeans and a hat down low on his face. He sounds dejected and he says that's the year he's had. He looks into the camera and says he's been accused of banging Dixie Carter and sleeping with a crack-head. He says the worst part is people believed it. AJ says but all is not lost because Thanksgiving is right around the corner. He says that he is not thankful for anything this year. Daniels & Kazarian interrupt and come to the ring. Kaz says AJ's crying all the time. Daniels says every word out of AJ's mouth has been accurate. He tells the source of his problems is in the mirror. Daniels says AJ is a broken man and a complete failure. AJ stays he has beaten Daniels more than Daniels has beaten him. AJ says they need to do it one last time. Kaz says Daniels he has nothing to gain because AJ is stale. Daniels says that this is actually the perfect time to do this one last time. AJ turns his hat around and gets in Daniels face and they exchange words off mic.

-Storm and Roode walk toward the arena in a split screen as we go to break.

-We return to Aries in front of the trailers. He says he has found the buttons he needs to push to make things happen. He says next week's Open Fight Night is not to be missed.

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