New Jack Talks Extreme Rising, Fight With Balls Mahoney, Problems With First Event, More

New Jack Talks Extreme Rising, Fight With Balls Mahoney, Problems With First Event, More Photo: Johnny Gee Photography
Raj Giri of recently spoke with ECW icon New Jack, who will be appearing at this Saturday's Extreme Rising iPPV from the Golden Dome in Monaca, PA. You can purchase tickets for the event by clicking here, or order the iPPV starting at just under $15 on

All iPPV orders will receive a free iPPV download of the company's 6/30 Philadelphia event, which was headlined by Mat Hardy vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Homicide. Fans ordering the iPPV for 11/17 will receive an email code for downloading the 6/30 event within 24 hours.

Also, make sure to check back this Monday for more from the interview, including New Jack discussing his beef with Jerry "The King" Lawler.

WrestlingINC: With all the ECW tribute shows, what are your feelings about Extreme Rising?

New Jack: I had mixed feelings about it. I was just really concerned, 'OK, do we know what we're doing? Do the people that are booking it, do they know what they're doing?' And from the look of things on the first show, they didn't. The show sucked! I didn't mind helping Jeezy and Ruckus out, but for what me and Mustafa did, I was like -- I booked my own match, I said, 'We're going to take control of this match and we're going to do it the way we want to do it.'

Against doctors orders, I dove off of something which I shouldn't have done. And, I was like, 'We got to let these young boys know what's going on and we got to teach them how you help them get to the next level. So, when we came back in June, it was totally different. Everybody had their freedom to go out there and do what they want.

When it's on paper, you can put something together and it looks good on paper. But then, when you actually put it into the eyes of fans, then you're like, 'Oh, maybe that was a bad idea.' You know what I mean? That's what a lot of people were griping about, that's what a lot of fans were pissed about. A lot of the boys in the locker room were pissed off because you can either be a worker or you can be the promoter/booker. You can't be both and that was another thing we had a problem with.

So, Shane [Douglas] decided to take a step back and let us do what we do best and we got more involved in our match instead of him just telling us what to do. Because nobody in that locker room, especially the old vets, we don't need anybody telling us what we need to do. We can book our own match and we can book it to a point to where we know what we're doing. I know what goes where, I know what kind of match these people want to see. And I had to go out there and bring the push to these guys but at the same time I kind of destroyed myself.

So, we had to come back to the second show and I didn't call it Extreme Uprising, I called it Extreme Redemption. We needed to redeem ourselves for the poor performance in April and we did just that. I've been on the phone with these younger guys, I've met some of them in Philly, went through promos. Jeezy got a tryout with TNA right after we did that angle and then he got a dark match with WWE.

That's our whole purpose. We're trying to help these guys learn the ropes, teach these guys how to do promos -- the whole nine. It's almost like developmental, we're trying to develop them to get their mind set so they can go take the next step.

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