Shane Douglas Talks Extreme Rising, ECW, Leaving WWE, WCW Folding, WWE's ECW Revival

WrestlingINC: Then, in 2005, WWE did the One Night Stand pay-per-view, which was kind of the first ECW revival. Were you contacted at all when they were coming up with that show?

Douglas: Yeah, I was. Tommy Dreamer contacted me and asked me to be a part of it. For me, A, we were going to Hardcore Homecoming at the same weekend. Being the person that was writing it, producing it and performing on it, I really didn't want to water it down and put myself in yet another rule for another company. I just didn't see where it would make sense to have me on one show -- I mean, let's face it, the ultra-spirit of ECW was so anti-WWF and WWE that it made no sense to try and water those two together.

In hindsight, especially after watching One Night Stand, I was thrilled with the decision not to go after taking every finishing move from the ECW guys and keep getting to his feet. Then, take one bump from 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin and he's dead to the world. It was just fore-shadowing of what was to come with Vince's take on ECW.

But, I knew that going in because when I had worked for him in 1996, he never once said the letters ECW to me. It was always some back-handed euphemism. I worked for the blood-and-guts company, the bingo hall company, the minor league, the small pond. There were all these back-handed euphemisms. But, he and Jim Ross, I vividly remember, were constantly trying to pick my brain as to ECW and how it was presented. 'Why the tables and why the chairs? Why this and why that. Why the bumping of the women.'

They were trying to figure it out. But they were completely missing the point of all of those things, which was that they weren't the steak on the plate, they were the seasoning on the stake. The stake on the plate was the strong story lines that Paul had written at the base of all of that.

WrestlingINC: Right. You were doing the Hardcore Homecoming shows at the same time. What was it like doing the rival-ECW shows while WWE were doing them at the same time? Were they kind of getting into your face about that? Were they giving you a hard time?

Douglas: No. Tommy had called me and -- I sure Tommy was being told to do this -- but the first thing Tommy told me was to try and get Sabu and some of the bigger names to work exclusively for their show. Thankfully, and I'll be eternally grateful to Sabu and guys like that, they had already given me their word. They went and told Tommy, 'Look, I already gave Shane my word. I can't go back.' So, Tommy asked that we don't try to do anything to overtly hurt their show. And I gave them my word that it wasn't about that.

This was not about slamming the other companies at that point. Hardcore Homecoming was meant to be ECW's swan song. It was to give our fans the last look at ECW and revel in it.

Make sure to check back Saturday morning for the second part of our interview with Douglas.

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