Shane Douglas Talks Turning Down TNA, Tonight's Extreme Rising IPPV, Matt Hardy, More

So, to me, I think where the business is and it's on it's ass -- Vince's numbers are at historic lows, numbers I would have never believed. Into the 2's for the WWE? That's amazing. His stocks are at historic lows. TNA has invested $200 million into a hole that has given them nothing back. To me, that's where the opportunity is.

In 1992, if WWF then and WCW were giving the fans what they wanted, nobody would have given a damn or cared or paid attention to what was going on at the bingo hall. Instead, this card in a dingy, grungy, dirty, filthy building with no air conditioning and no heat in the winter and no shower was somehow able to put on a product that captured the fan's imagination. It re-energized the wrestling business. That's the same opportunity I see right now with the WWE's product as lackluster as it is and TNA spending the money that they have getting nothing back in return.

It's time for that next thing to come along and there's the opportunity. That's what the intention of Extreme Rising is, to bring that excitement back and hopefully be a second revolution and resurges our business again. Think about what happened with that first revolution. WWE/WWF had a very strong run with the whole Attitude Era. WCW did some very strong business with the nWo. All the other companies sparked.

The wrestlers won out because they were employed. The fans won out because the product was sharp, cool, hip and engaging. So, I think a revolution, regardless of where it comes from, is going to be good for everybody -- Vince and Dixie included. But especially the wrestlers and the fans.

You can check out the first part of our interview with Douglas by clicking here.

The debut iPPV from Extreme Rising takes place tonight from the Golden Dome in Monaca, PA. In the main event, Shane Douglas will battle Matt Hardy (w/ Reby Sky). The following matches are also scheduled for the event: Sabu vs. Devon Storm, Jerry Lynn vs. Homicide, FBI vs. BLK Out, Bestia vs Facade, Perry Saturn vs. Luke Hawx and Stevie Richards vs. Papadon. You can purchase tickets for the event by clicking here, or order the iPPV starting at just under $15 on You can check out a promo for tonight's event below:

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