Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video

Sheamus with a high knee and forearm shots to the chest on the apron. Sheamus goes to the top and comes down with the battering ram. Sheamus hits White Noise and then the Brogue Kick for the win.

Winner: Sheamus

- Vickie Guerrero is backstage with Tamina Snuka when AJ Lee walks in. Vickie asks if they have met. AJ says she plans on getting to know Tamina real well in the near future. AJ wants to talk about what happened earlier. AJ laughs at her about her makeout session with Cena. AJ gets upset but Tamina puts her arm in between them. AJ says Cena is hurt and asks what Vickie is going to do about it. Vickie says nothing. AJ says if Vickie won't, then she will and walks off. Back to commercial.

- Cole and Lawler hype Heyman's celebration for Punk later tonight. They mention Ryback has been invited.

- AJ Lee is backstage looking for someone and Layla is try9ing to talk her out of it. AJ finds a room and Layla tells her not to go in there. AJ tells Layla to leave her the hell alone and walks in to the locker room where a bunch of Superstars are. She walks to Dolph Ziggler and asks him who the hell he thinks he is. Dolph cuts her off. He says girls like her are a dime a dozen - she came from nothing and will never be anything. Ziggler rips into AJ and calls her desperate, pathetic. Ziggler says she's nothing more than a shell of a woman now. Ziggler calls her sad, weak and pitiful. He tells her to face it - she's just trash. Dolph sits back down and AJ wails away on him. Cena comes over and pulls her off but Ziggler and Cena start brawling. Ziggler kicks out Cena's knee that is wrapped. Ziggler crashes Cena through the bathroom stall and unloads on him. Other Superstars pull Ziggler off but he leaps back on Cena. AJ and a referee come to check on Cena and call for a doctor. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and we see what just happened with Dolph, AJ and Cena in the locker room. Josh Mathews is backstage and says doctors earlier diagnosed Cena with a possible torn meniscus and says he was rushed into the trainers room after the brawl with Dolph.

Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio vs. Kane and Daniel Bryan

We go to the ring and out first comes Sin Cara followed by his partner Rey Mysterio. Darren Young and Titus O'Neil are on commentary. Out next comes one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan followed by his partner Kane.

Cole reveals that Rey and Cara will be the new #1 contenders if they win this match. Cara and Kane start the match off going at it. Cara kicks Kane in the head and springboards in. Kane runs him over and Bryan tags himself in. Bryan hits Cara with kicks in the corner. Bryan misses a knee off the top and Cara takes back control. Cara with the big arm drag and tag to Mysterio fort some double teaming. Rey with a 2 count.

More back and forth. Kane comes back in and Rey kicks at his legs. Rey knocks Bryan off the apron and drops Kane for 619. Kane slides to the floor but Rey kicks him. Rey runs off the apron and hits a senton on Kane on the floor. Bryan leaps off the apron and drops Rey with a knee. Cara laps out and takes Bryan out. We go to commercial.

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