As noted yesterday, Emmy winning entertainment reporter Chris Van Vliet from WOIO recently spoke with Dolph Ziggler in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. He talks about breaking away from Vickie Guerrero, how he would have been pushed sooner if he was bigger and his thoughts on John Cena and CM Punk. He was also asked if people in the company follow TNA.

"Me, personally as a wrestling fan, it's something I've said before where I study movies, I study comedians, why they are getting these reactions; I watch all wrestling," Ziggler revealed. "And lots of us, because of the ever-changing roster for both sides, we're friends with half of those guys anyway because we were wrestling with them a few months ago. So that community, we all kind of follow each other. A lot of us watch it just because we love wrestling. We'll watch TNA. We'll watch Ring of Honor. I watch everything just to see what's going on and know where I need to be.

"Even a good friend of mine, Mike Mondo, who was with me in the Spirit Squad, he's in Ring of Honor tearing it up. Everyone's always saying how great he's doing."

In a follow-up question, Ziggler is then asked, "There seems to be some storylines between TNA and WWE that are kind of overlapping right now. Isn't that weird?" He replied, "I'm a little behind on [TNA] storylines, but yes. I heard that from several different people. So, maybe..."

You can watch the full interview below:

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