TNA Impact Results: Gut Check Edition Of Open Fight Night, Brooke Hogan & Bully Ray?, More

Winner by pin: Sam Shaw

-We go to the back as ODB and Eric Young enter Hogan's office. Eric Young has a costume and wants to do a turkey suit challenge. Hogan tells them to go ahead and to watch out for Aces & 8's.

-Back from a break. ODB and Eric Young are confronted in the back by Robbie T. and Robbie E. They want Young to call them out so they can make him wear that suit. Tara and Jesse get involved and Young says he'll call out Robbie E. and Jesse.

-We go to video of Aces & 8's beating of Magnus and then to a video package of recent events involving the masked brotherhood.

-We go to their lair as the masked men have a Thanksgiving feast. They congratulate Doc for solidifying his spot and Devon says they have strippers for dessert. Devon says, "VP," and the masked man gets up and throws a dart at the TNA Roster poster. They cheer and Devon says it's going to be a Thanksgiving.

-Christian York gets in the ring and calls out Jeff Hardy.

Open Fight Night: Christian York vs. Jeff Hardy

They lock up and Hardy gets the best of the exchange. They pause to reset. York is right on top of Hardy with speed and counters. York hits a standing dropkick as Hardy regroups in the corner. We go to break.

We're back as Hardy sends York in from pillar to post. Hardy goes for Whisper in the Wind but there is nobody home. York gets two consecutive near-falls. York hits a big time knee for another 2. Hardy hits a big kick to the chin but York counters in the corner and goes up top but Hardy moves. York recovers and hits Hardy with a half nelson suplex and charges in with a DreamScape Senton in the corner. Hardy reaches the ropes to break a submission. York counters a Twist of Fate and hits his own and gets 2. York stalks Hardy from behind as Hardy gets up. Hardy hits a sit-down faceplant and goes up top but York meets him. Hardy hits him with a sunset flip powerbomb off the top. Hardy hits a series of high impact moves and hits the Twist and takes his shirt off and goes up top. Hardy hits the Swanton Bomb for the win.

Winner by pin: Jeff Hardy

They embrace and York raises Hardy's arm. Bobby Roode comes in and attacks both men from behind. Roode grabs the World Title and says the belt is coming back home with him at Final Resolution as he stands over Hardy.

-We see highlights from Taeler Hendrix. Taeler is approached in the back by Brooke Hogan and she wishes her luck and gives her advice. We go to commercial.

-Taeler Hendrix comes to the ring and calls out Tara.

Open Fight Night: Tara vs. Taeler Hendrix

Jesse gorilla presses Tara in the ring. The bell rings and Taeler puts her hand out but Tara slaps it away. They lock up and Tara shoves her back on her butt. Tara hits a faceplant and gets a shoulder rub from Jesse. Tara throws Taeler across the ring by her hair. Tara continues to squash Taeler. Taeler hits a dropkick on Tara as she kisses Jesse and hits an offensive flurry. Taeler hits a headbutt to the face and hits shots to the face and a crossbody for a 2. Taeler hits a kick to the head and gets a super close near-fall. Tara hits the Widow's Peak for the decisive win.

Winner by pin: Tara

-Eric Young and ODB enter the arena. Young has the turkey suit with him. Jesse comes down with Tara, followed by Robbie E. with Robbie T.

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