WWE SmackDown Results: Orton Vs. Ziggler, Team Hell No Vs. Big Show, Cena, Ryback, More

WWE SmackDown Results: Orton Vs. Ziggler, Team Hell No Vs. Big Show, Cena, Ryback, More Photo: Johnny Gee Photography
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We start tonight with a recap of the AJ-Cena storyline and the Ryback and Big Show-Sheamus situations. Tonight, Randy Orton faces Dolph Ziggler.

-We go straight to the ring where MizTV is setup. Miz waists little time welcoming John Cena.

Cena moves the stool and sits on the couch. He says he loves what Miz has done with the place. Miz says lately Cena's life has turned into a TMZ tabloid. Miz shows the video of Cena & AJ kissing from RAW. Cena looks flustered. Miz asks how the kiss was and Cena gets up. Miz says he meant the knee. Miz shows Cena's injury from RAW. Cena says Miz is late on the info because he had an MRI and he is fine and can compete. Cena wants the tough questions. Miz says he believes Cena and AJ were just friends, but how about now? Cena says the kiss was just to give something to talk about but he did like it and AJ's a good kisser. Miz does his "Really?" thing and Cena plays along. Miz asks if they're more than just friends. Before Cena can speak, AJ's music hits and she comes skipping down to the ring.

AJ says Cena doesn't have to answer that. Miz mocks her and says that tough questions come with the territory. Miz tries to sophomorically stir things up between them. Cena asks for some time with AJ and Dolph Ziggler's music hits and he comes on the stage.

Ziggler says AJ is trouble and she is the reason it was so easy to set Cena up. Ziggler asks how Cena's knee is by the way. He says if he was Cena, he would hate AJ's guts. He shows a clip from RAW as AJ bursts into the men's locker room and confronts Ziggler then attacks him, then Ziggler beats up Cena. Vickie Guerrero interrupts and comes on the stage. She tells Cena his girlfriend should control her impulses. She runs AJ down and says Ziggler kisses strong, passionate people. Cena says we can't medically prove she's a woman still. Vickie says she wasn't talking about herself because their relationship is professional. Ziggler says if he kissed AJ it would make her a real woman. Cena says Vickie enjoys eating nuts and Ziggler still can't find his. Cena's music hits and everybody leaves the ring.

-We go to Ryback's entrance.

Ryback vs. Darren Young

Titus O'Neil is on commentary. Young gets in some shots in on Ryback. Ryback turns things around and overpowers him. Titus banters at ringside. Young rolls out of the ring and Titus blows hits whistle to warn Ryback not to attack. Ryback disregards and hits Young and says "I hit hard." Titus says somebody needs to give Ryback some medication. Ryback takes Young's head off in the ring and hits his finisher for the win.

Winner by pin: Ryback

Titus gets in the ring as JBL warns him not to. Titus starts to ask Ryback what is wrong with him. He blows his whistle and Ryback drops him in his finisher as well. Ryback chants in the ring. We go to break.

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