Earl Hebner And Julie Hart Remember 'The Montreal Screwjob' Fifteen Years Later

WWE making Vince into the Mr McMahon character: "I thought that was horrible but thats what Vince does right? Thats how he markets things. I felt sorry for Bret because he was such a good person to Vince and I felt like "jeez why did you have to go and do that?" But you look at everything now and how things have played out. It was all about the business, and it's still all about the business. Those things, I guess, shouldn't have been taken so personal."

Her reaction to people who think Montreal was a work: "Firstly, no it wasn't work. It was as raw as.....you'd have to be there to experience the emotions that Bret went through. I can honestly say on my childrens head, that none of that stuff was set up. It was as real as you would ever get. That camera was in the place in the right time. It was never set up, it's sad that people would think that. I know, I was there, my kids were there, I saw what it did to Bret emotionally, for our marriage after that, we were never the same....."

To hear Julie's full chat where she talks about how Bret was in 1997, who she saw backstage at Montreal, why she talked to Hunter after the match, why Bret wore a wire and much more, head over to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LTTO2K8jFA&feature=relmfu

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