Re-Post - TNA Impact Results With Tons Of Video

Re-Post - TNA Impact Results With Tons Of Video
We begin this week with a recap of Wes Briscoe's Gut Check from last week and Aces & 8's latest casualty. We will hear from Hulk Hogan about Austin Aries' bombshell about Brooke and Bully Ray.

-We go to pyro and crowd shots. Hogan's music hits and he makes his way down to the ring.

Hogan gets a nice reaction and he says his world almost imploded last week. He says he is the GM but a father first. Hogan says he wants to know the truth and he calls Bully Ray out to fess up. Bully comes to the ring in street clothes. Bully says Hogan doesn't trust him, yet he wants to know what's going on from his mouth. Hogan says to cut the crap and wants to know what's going on between him and Brooke. Bully gets in his face and asks if he really wants to know who the number one man is in Brooke's life.

Brooke's music hits and she comes to the ring in a short black dress. Hogan asks her what is going on. She says she isn't 18 anymore. Hogan snatches the mic back and says he doesn't care and he wants the truth. He says as long as he's alive, he doesn't want her with any wrestler especially Bully. Austin Aries interrupts from the big screen. He is on Hogan's table in his office where X-Division stars are waiting for their GM. Aries lays down on the desk and wonders how Brooke does it. Hogan makes his way to the back. Brooke is shocked in the ring.

-We go to the announcers where they talk about what just happened. It is Championship Thursday. Who will Hogan pick to face Rob Van Dam for the X-Division Title? Gail Kim and "Hardcore Country" stretch in the back as we go to break.

Gail Kim vs. Mickie James

Kim makes her way to the ring followed by Mickie. Gail goes behind early and tries to roll up Mickie but she counters. Kim works the left arm and pulls Mickie's hair to take her down. Gail works Mickie in the corner and hits a clothesline to take her down. Kim drops Mickie in a reverse neck breaker for a 2. Kim applies a head scissors in the center of the ring. Mickie looks knocked out but she bridges her back to escape the pin. Mickie hits a faceplant and kips-up. Mickie misses from up top and Gail hits a running front dropkick and puts her feet on the ropes for the cover but Taryn the ref sees it. Mickie lands a nice kick to Kim and covers her but Kim kicks out. Mickie fights out of the corner and hits a head scissors takedown. Mickie drops Gail in a neckbreaker but Gail kicks out. Kim misses with the charge in the corner, Mickie hits a DDT off the 2nd rope for the win.

Winner by pin: Mickie James

-James Storm talks about being a man and making choices in the back to AJ. He talks about his daughter being dragged into this. AJ tells Storm is whining. AJ says he doesn't get a title shot for a year. Storm tells him to stop looking back but forward. We go to break.

-Hogan storms into his office and backs Aries up. Hogan has to make a decision. He asks what Kenny King has done. Kid Kash and Zema Ion argue over who should get the shot. Hogan tells Kenny to leave and Aries leaves as well.

-We go to the ring for Bobby Roode's entrance. Roode grabs a mic and says he made a statement last week as we see a split screen of him taking out Christian York and Jeff Hardy from last week. Roode says Hardy almost got beaten by a Gut Check rookie. Christian York's music hits and he comes to the ring. Roode stops him in the ring and says it's his time and nobody interrupts him. He tells York to get out of his ring. York slaps him in the face and Roode escapes to the floor. York calls Roode out and Roode takes off his shirt as we go to an abrupt commercial.

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