Re-Post - TNA Impact Results With Tons Of Video

-We go to Hogan's office as he is confronted by Bully Ray. Bully asks if Aries offended him. He says if Hogan wanted Aries' head kicked in, why didn't he come to Bully and talk to him face to face. Bully says for the first time maybe Hogan is confusing business with personal. Hogan says maybe it's Bully who is doing that. We go to break.

-We see a promo with Jeff Hardy who will be on Ink Master on Tuesday.

-ODB talks about Eric Young in the back. She says he is in the hospital. She says she can't do this and leaves.

-We go to a rundown of the Final Resolution card.

-Aries tells Hogan behind the entrance curtain that he did all this so he could get back the X-Division Title and use it as the key to get back his World Title. Hogan thanks him for waking him up. He says it's time for some serious dental work courtesy of Rob Van Dam. Aries makes his way through the curtain and to the ring. RVD enters.

X-Division Championship: Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Austin Aries

Borash does the formal introductions. The bell rings and here we go. They trade shots in the center of the ring and counter each other. RVD kicks Aries back into the corner and takes him down with a nice body scissors takedown. RVD hits shoulderblocks in the corner. Aries hangs on to the ropes as RVD hits a dropkick to the air and falls hard on his back on the mat. RVD hits a crossbody to Aries to the outside as we take a break.

-Back to action in the ring. Aries launches RVD to the apron and then to the floor. The action spills back out and RVD drapes Aries across the security rail and flies off the apron with a spin kick but Aries moves and RVD's knee connects with the steel. Aries hits a neckbreaker on the rail and drags RVD into the ring. RVD kicks out of 3 consecutive pins. Aries hits an elbow and gets another near-fall. RVD fights back and connects with a kick to the face. Taz says his face has blocked many a kick from RVD. Aries hits a spike DDT but RVD kicks out. Aries hits a modified Rolling Thunder on RVD. Aries goes up top and mocks RVD and flies off but RVD avoids the Frog Splash. RVD connects with a kick off the ropes and hits Rolling Thunder to Aries. RVD hits the split-legged moonsault off the corner but Aries puts his foot on the rope to break the pin. RVD hits an elevated dropkick and goes up top but Aries runs and pushes him off to the floor. Aries puts RVD back in the ring and grabs a mic. Aries says RVD is all sweaty, lying on his back with his hair messed up, breathing heavy. He says RVD looks like Brooke Hogan. Bully Ray runs down and attacks Aries as the bell rings. Aries backs up the ramp and calls him an SOB and says Bully cost him the match. Hogan comes out on the stage and removes his watch. Aries is stuck on the ramp. Bully and Hogan have a stare-down as we go off the air. Bully says, "Still don't trust me? What's it gonna take?"

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