Good morning and welcome to the WWE Saturday Morning Slam Recap.

We begin with the usual opener and are welcomed to the show by the voice-over guy. We are in England this week. We go to the ring.

3MB's Jinder Mahal w/ Heath Slater vs. Ted Dibiase

Mahal hits a shoulderblock off the ropes to take down Ted. Dibiase responds and tosses Mahal over the top and to the outside. Dibiase tackles both Slater and Mahal from over the top and plays air-guitar and drums. Ted sends Mahal back in but Mahal gets the advantage. Mahal hits a scoop slam and gets 2. Dibiase fights up and hits an inverted atomic drop that we don't see the impact of. More camera shots of Josh Mathews and R-Truth at ringside. Dibiase hits a sit-down spinebuster that we do see and gets 2. Dibiase goes up top and flies off with a crossbody but Mahal rolls through and pins him.

Winner by pin: Jinder Mahal

-England native Layla brings us helpful culture tips and translations. She says the hardest part about moving to America was the language. She says in England, cops are called bobbies. Subways are called undergrounds. Elevators are lifts. Bathrooms are called loo. We segue into Superstars that are from England…

-Video Vault: British Superstars
We see highlights of William Regal. Next is The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith. We go to Paul Burchill and end with Wade Barrett. He is called the most dangerous Superstar to come from the UK. We segue into this week's…

-Saturday Morning Spotlight: Wade Barrett
Barrett narrates highlights and he talks about his barrage.

Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd vs. The Uso's

Gabriel starts off with Jimmy. Gabriel shows off his quickness as Jimmy has a hard time holding on to him. Jimmy tags Jey for a double team but Gabriel wiggles out and flips to tag Tyson who flips over the top to enter. Kidd gets cheers from the UK crowd. Jey Uso hits a shoulderblock to take Kidd down and gets booed. He tries to start the Uso chant but gets boos as a response and gives up. Kidd continues to out-maneuver Jey. Tyson goes for a Sharpshooter but Jey reaches the ropes. Jey falls to the outside and Jimmy comes over to him on the floor. Kidd tries a suicide dive onto both of them but The Uso's have it scouted and Kidd lands on the apron. Gabriel flies through Kidd's legs and tackles an Uso but we don't see it. We go to break.

-Eve brings us this week's PSA to not try this at home.

-Back to action in the ring. Jimmy hits 2 scoop slams on Kidd. Uso continues to work-over Kidd and keeps him from tagging Gabriel. Jey tags in and applies a body scissors to Kidd on the mat. Jimmy tags back in and hits a back breaker across his knee that we don't see. Kidd kicks out. Jimmy goes up top but Kidd runs up and brings him down in an armdrag. Kidd hurts himself as well and both men crawl to their respective corners and make tags. Gabriel springs off the ropes and hits a crossbody on Jey and gets 2. Jey botches a move in the corner where he tries to leap over Gabriel but doesn't clear his body and lands on his neck. Gabriel hits a sit-down powerbomb and gets 2. Kidd breaks the next pin attempt. Gabriel sees an opening and goes up top but Uso moves and Gabriel lands on his feet. Jey tags his brother and they hit an impressive Alley Oop Samoan Drop for the win.

Winners by pin: The Uso's

-We go to John Cena who has a very special announcement regarding next week's show. Cena issues an open challenge for next week's show for his in-ring debut on the show. 3MB including Drew McIntyre come into the shot and ridicule Cena. Slater says, "Oh my God," but they edit it out. Slater accepts Cena's challenge and they leave. Cena confirms the match to the camera and waves his hand in front of his face and says we are going to want to see that as we go off the air.

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