Re-Post - WWE SmackDown Results With Tons Of Video

Re-Post - WWE SmackDown Results With Tons Of Video Photo: Johnny Gee Photography
We begin this week with a recap of the Shield. We go to the ring as Josh Mathews welcomes us to the show. John Cena's music hits and he comes to the ring.

Cena takes in the cheers and says he's excited for tonight's main event, which involves Dolph Ziggler. He says Ziggler's greatest accomplishment is being World Champion for 2 minutes. He says Ziggler is trapped in a little girl's body. That makes no sense by the way. Cena says Ziggler will have to go through Sheamus tonight. Alberto Del Rio comes out with Ricardo Rodriguez and says this is his show. Cena says the show belongs to the Universe. Del Rio says the last time they were in a ring together, Del Rio won. He tells Cena to leave his ring. Cena says he can't because he has a match right now with Del Rio. He clocks Del Rio who falls out of the ring. Cena takes off his shirt as we go to break.

John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio

The bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Cena armdrags Del Rio hard and he goes out to regroup. Del Rio gets the advantage on the way back in. Del Rio goes up top and hits a double fist on Cena for 2. Del Rio sends Cena hard into the corner and proceeds to mock and stomp him. Del Rio kicks Cena in the face a couple times to keep him down. Del Rio hits a snap suplex and floats over for a 2. Ziggler watches from a monitor in the back. Cena blocks a suplex and hits his own. Del Rio moves in the corner and Cena goes shoulder-first into the steel. Del Rio continues to work Cena over.

Back from a break as Del Rio misses big from the 2nd rope with a back splash. Cena goes into his match-ending routine but Del Rio counters the AA and gets 2. Cena counters Del Rio and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Del Rio runs up in the corner and hits an Enzuigiri on Cena on the top and gets 2 in the ring. Del Rio misses with another kick. Del Rio counters an STF and hits a Tilt-A-Whirl for 2. Del Rio goes back up top and leaps but Cena hits him with a dropkick in midair. They counter each other's finishers. Cena applies the STF as Del Rio crawls to the ropes. Del Rio applies the cross armbreaker in the ropes from the apron. The ref makes him break it. Del Rio hangs Cena upside down in the corner and charges in but Cena moves and Del Rio gets nothing but steel. Cena frees himself and goes up top and hits a leg drop to the back of Del Rio's head for the win. Good match.

Winner by pin: John Cena

Cena slaps hands with the fans as he makes his way up the ramp. Ziggler clocks him from behind with his briefcase and lays Cena out.

-We go to JBL and Josh who talk about what just happened. Josh sends to a video of the Shield from RAW.

-We go to Kane and Daniel Bryan staring at each other intensely in the back. Kofi Kingston tries to step in and says they have to get on the same page for their match tonight. Bryan and Kane put each other over and say the world hasn't even begun to see how dangerous they can be. They have a "YES!" session as we go to break.

-Cena complains to Booker T in the back about Ziggler. Booker calms him down and says Cena needs to let the Sheamus-Ziggler match happen tonight and then after that he can do whatever he wants to Ziggler.

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