Thanks to reader Jim Roanoke, VA for sending in these results from last night's RAW live event in Roanoke, VA:

Brodus Clay defeated Michael McGillicutty. The match was fairly quick, full of some back and forth, and a lot of dancing from Brodus.

NXT Superstar Corey Graves appears from the curtain and cuts a heel promo, before being met by Zack Ryder.

Zack Ryder defeated Corey Graves. After the match, The Shield attacked Zack Ryder, jumping into the ring from the crowd. They scored a few hits on Corey Graves while going up the ramp, then went off the side and disappeared into the back of the arena, not going backstage.

AJ Lee and Kaitlyn defeated Rosa Mendes and Eve Torres.

Antonio Cesaro defeated R-Truth to retain the United States Championship. At one point a section of the crowd sang "God Bless America" to Cesaro.

Ryback defeated Jack Swagger. Jack Swagger has still not received the rumored repackaging. He was regular old Swagger.

There was a 15 minute intermission.

After the intermission, Santino Marella defeated Tensai, who was billed from "Parts Unknown" instead of Japan. This was a comedy match, with *both* Santino and Tensai getting some pretty humorous spots in.

After that match, out come Epico and Primo, without Rosa. They're challenging Team Hell No for the Tag Team Championships.

Daniel Bryan and Kane defeated Primo and Epico, after coming out to separate entrances, and got into a couple arguments mid-match. While attempting to hug, they're both dropkicked out of the ring by Primo and Epico, but eventually manage the hug, and retain the Tag Team Championships.

The main event saw John Cena defeat Dolph Ziggler in a very long match. Dolph looked very strong in the match, getting a ton of offense in on Cena, before a move near the end of the match knocked the referee out of the ring. Dolph hit Cena with the Money in the Bank briefcase, and hit a Superkick for 2. Earlier in the match, Dolph even 'tuned up the band' but he missed that first attempt. Dolph got frustrated, and set up a chair in the turnbuckle, before turning around into an AA and a loss. Both Cena and Dolph stay down for a while after the finish, with Cena eventually making it to his feet and waving to the crowd.

Matt Striker said goodbye, and the show ended.

The biggest reactions of the night by far were John Cena and Vickie Guerrero, getting the biggest pop and heat respectively. In a close second was Kane, who received a surprisingly huge pop from the crowd, even more-so than Daniel Bryan. Dolph Ziggler also managed some major heat. Zack Ryder had the crowd chanting with him his whole match as well.

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