WWE Champion CM Punk has tied John Cena's 380 day title reign today. If Punk holds on to the belt for one more day, he will be the longest reigning WWE Champion in the past 25 years, and the sixth longest in WWE history.

Paul Heyman took to his Twitter early this morning to comment on Punk's achievement. He wrote:

"#380 No matter what you think of this business, or HOW you think this industry works behind the scenes ... #380 is simply an awe-inspiring achievement, an almost-impossible task in today's hyper-competitive, chew-em-up environment ... @CMPunk reaching #380 is like Ted Williams batting 400. You don't realize it while it's happening,but this won't happen again 4 a LONG time! I am truly honored beyond words to be along for this ride. #380 @CMPunk @WWE Champion"

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