Mick Foley On If Austin And Rock Would Be Stars With Scripted Promos, Australian Tour, New Book

Mick Foley On If Austin And Rock Would Be Stars With Scripted Promos, Australian Tour, New Book
WrestlingINC.com owner Raj Giri recently spoke with Hardcore legend Mick Foley, who discussed his upcoming comedy tour in Australia and his new book, A Most Mizerable Christmas. Here is the full interview:

WrestlingINC: With the Attitude Era DVD coming out, looking back at it, what would you say differentiated that era and today's current product the most?

Foley: Obviously, it was a lot different. We were trying things that had never been done. We had a lot of guys that were kind of peaking at the same time. Guys who had kind of been around and been cutting promos and kind of hitting their stride simultaneously.

We always tried to top each other and push the envelope a little farther. At a certain point, you can't do that anymore. Can you imagine if they continued that path? The show would be unrecognizable.

So, I'm glad they decided to step back and decided to go PG. Every once in a while, when they bring in a more harder-hitting element, it really connects.

WrestlingINC: Do you think with the changes that have been made that stars like Steve Austin or The Rock would have been able to break out -- having scripted promos and things like that?

Foley: Yeah. I think it's like baseball. People say, 'Could the hitters of that era have competed with the pitchers who throw harder with more variations?' I think the best people always find a way to survive and thrive.

I mean, nothing is for sure. Bruno Sammartino's name is thrown around -- he knew how to connect. He knew how to get over with an audience. He would have been just fine.

WrestlingINC: When did you first start thinking about stand-up comedy?

Foley: Well, what's surprising to me is how surprised people are that I do it. Actually, I should have started labeling it spoken word or a one-man show two years ago when I started getting serious about it. It's not your traditional stand-up and I think that's what keeps people away.

My signings draw more than my comedy shows even though my comedy shows are a lot more fun. They're the same price, you get the same autograph and instead of standing for two hours, you're sitting in comfort. People don't know what to expect.

Brendon Burns, who's been doing the Australian tour with me and has been kind of a mentor to me, said, 'Mate, I think I get it. When people think comedy, there have been so many bad crossover artists that go up there with a wacky tie telling bad stories. You fall into that and people think that's going to be me.

So, it is more of a story telling thing. It's more wrestling stories, from a wrestler geared towards wrestling fans but other people enjoy it as well. I feel like I've had some cool experiences and stories that are interesting to everyone. I go out there and tell them as an extension of what it did in the business as opposed to a dramatic departure from it.

WrestlingINC: You've mentioned Burns and you've done some stuff with him in the U.K. and you'll be performing with him in Australia in Australia. How did you guys get in touch?

Foley: Yeah, Brendon and I will be in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne February 1st through the 12th. You can go to RealMickFoley.com/events and you can look for a show if you're down under. But Brendon's been doing comedy for 23 years. He won the Edinburgh Award which is like winning... the Edinburgh Award. It's like winning an Academy Award for comedy in Europe. Signifying him as the best comedian of that year at the Edinburgh festival.

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