We reported last month that Triple H was apparently one of many that are hoping that Sting will not renew with TNA after his current deal expires at the end of the year.

According to a source, Triple H is still interested in pursuing Sting for WWE's Hall of Fame. The deal would see Sting be the focus of several DVDs ranging from a career retrospective to a WCW early 1990s and Horsemen-themed set. HHH has a lot of respect for Sting and believes he's one of the few big stars left who hasn't been exhausted by the WWE marketing machine in licensing.

There are also some people within the company pushing for Paul Heyman to be part of the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame class. However, the general consensus seems to be that the timing isn't right given that he's part of the top heel act in the company and an induction would position him as a babyface, which would be counter productive to what he's doing with CM Punk. As with everything else, ultimately Vince McMahon makes the final call on these decisions so plans may change.

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