WWE Main Event Recap: Truth & Kofi Vs. Barrett & Cesaro, New TLC Main Event

Barrett kicks Truth to the floor as we return. Cesaro goes out and sends Truth back in. Cesaro is the legal man now as he keeps Truth at bay from his corner. Truth hits a massive flying kick to create some space as both he and Cesaro struggle to get up. Truth crawls to get to Kofi as Cesaro hangs onto his leg. Truth kicks him off as both men tag and Kofi comes flying in and hits a high-paced flurry on Barrett. Kofi hits a crossbody for 2. Wade hits a kick to the gut and tags Cesaro back in. Kofi is on fire and hits the SOS on Cesaro but Wade breaks the cover. Truth comes in and takes care of Barrett. Cesaro ducks the Trouble in Paradise and shoves Kofi into the corner. Truth tags himself in on Kofi's back and comes off the top with a sunset flip on an unsuspecting Cesaro. Kofi provides the assist with a kick to the head to make Cesaro fall and Truth gets the pin.

Winners by pin: Kofi Kingston & R-Truth

Kofi & Truth celebrate in the ring. Matt Striker asks their thoughts in the ring. Kofi says there is a storm coming for Wade Barrett and he cannot wait to bring the thunder, BOOM. Truth says the people don't want a chump as US Champion, they want the Truth.

-A RAW Rebound is shown.

-Cole reads from Mr. McMahon's statement which is shown on-screen and from WWE.com. It says Punk's knee surgery was successful but he is unable to defend his title at TLC. He says Ryback deserves a title shot and will get one in the near future. The statement further says that due to recent events, The Shield will take on Team Hell No in a TLC Match, decided only via pin or submission. Cole says that next week, Ryback faces Antonio Del Rio, as the graphic is shown and we go off the air to a video package of Ryback driving Punk through a table.

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