TNA Impact Results: New 'Final Resolution' Matches, New Champion Crowned, Velvet Returns & More

-D-Lo and Al Snow enter the building and talk about what had happened to the missing Snow. Snow woke up in a hospital and had apparently got mugged.

-Mickie James comes to the ring looking stunning in a dress. She gets a "Welcome Back" chant. She says she is not done and will once again be the Knockout Champion. She is interrupted by Tara & her 'boo.' They get in the ring and start to bicker. Velvet Sky's music hits and she comes down to the ring in an equally stunning mini skirt. Velvet snatches the mic from Tara and thanks the fans and says she has missed them. Velvet thanks Brooke Hogan for getting her back in TNA. Velvet wishes both ladies luck this Sunday but says that 2013 is the year of Velvet Sky's next Title reign.

-Robbie E. and Robbie T. are in the locker room. Robbie T. helps him pay his Direct Auto car insurance on his tablet. He didn't know how to work a touch-screen. We go to break.

Robbie E. & Robbie T. vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez

Chavo starts off with Robbie E. and gets the better of him and tags Hernandez in. Hernandez applies a bearhug and then releases him in an over the head suplex. Chavo tags back in and gets caught in enemy territory and Robbie T. gets in a cheap shot and tags in legally to overpower Chavo to the mat. Robbie E. tags back in and gets 2 on Chavo. Chavo escapes with a suplex and tags Hernandez who turns it up against Robbie E. Robbie T. breaks the cover and gets clotheslined out by Hernandez. Hernandez hits a huge tackle and tags Chavo who comes off the top with a Frogsplash for the win.

Winners by pin: Chavo & Hernandez

Joey Ryan comes down the aisle and distracts them on the mic as Matt Morgan attacks both men in the ring from behind. Ryan calls himself the "Big Organ."

-Girls dance on a poll for Aces & 8's in the back. Devon tells Doc to cheer up and then says it's time to throw a dart. VP says not tonight. He pulls out an envelope full of money and says they have a hit for the night. He says, "Money talks. Bullsh*t walks." Two girls caress each other as we go to commercial.

-We see footage from the Gut Check decision from last week.

-We go to Kurt Angle and Wes Briscoe in the locker room. Wes thanks Angle and Angle says he's proud of Garett also. They tell Kurt they have his back tonight in his match against Doc.

-Chavo & Hernandez cut a heated promo on Ryan & Morgan in the back and say it's on for this Sunday.

Kurt Angle vs. Doc

Angle enters the ring as we go to commercial.

Doc makes his entrance, solo. Angle goes right at the big man as he enters the ring. Kurt stomps Doc to the mat and works the left knee. Doc fights back with a massive clothesline and stomps Angle on the mat. Doc hits a huge clothesline that sends Angle to the outside. Doc goes out and drives Kurt into the steel steps and sends him back in the ring. Angle gets a boot up in the corner and comes off the corner with a dropkick to take the big man off his feet. Kurt hits his trifecta of German suplexes but Doc counters the Angle Slam with a big boot but Kurt kicks out at 2. Angle hits another 2 suplexes but Doc holds the ropes to avoid a third. Doc hits a low blow behind the ref's back and hits a clothesline for 2. Angle rolls through a chokeslam and applies the Ankle Lock but Doc gets out and hits the chokeslam for 2. Angle hits the Angle Slam and the straps come down. Kurt applies the Lock again but VP interferes and the bell sounds. Kurt punches him out of the ring but other members of the gang surround the ring. Samoa Joe, Garett, and Wes Briscoe come out to the rescue. Angle says he has a 'pack' also and says the 4 of them will face any four of Aces & 8's this Sunday.

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