TNA Impact Results: New 'Final Resolution' Matches, New Champion Crowned, Velvet Returns & More

The heels enter together followed by the faces, also together. Borash makes the formal introductions. Kaz & Daniels are wearing zebra pants with fanny packs. Kazarian starts off with Storm. Storm gets the upper-hand and tags Hardy in. Kaz back Hardy into the corner and tags Daniels. Hardy overtakes Daniels and tags AJ in who hits a head scissors takedown. Kaz tags in and AJ tags Hardy for some Poetry in Motion double teaming as we go to commercial.

Kaz works over Hardy on the mat as we return. Hardy is able to make it to his corner and tag AJ but the ref didn't see it. Daniels tags in and continues to dominate Hardy. Roode tags in and resumes offense. Roode hits a snap suplex but Storm breaks the cover. More tags from the heels as Daniels comes in, followed by Kaz. Roode and Daniels work over Hardy from the floor behind the ref's back. Roode tags back in and keeps a leaping Hardy from making the hot-tag. Roode hits a vicious reverse elbow to knock Hardy back down. Daniels now keeps away Hardy with the ring cut off. Hardy catches Roode with a Twist of Fate out of nowhere and tags AJ who explodes on everyone. Roode breaks the cover of AJ on Daniels. Storm cleans house. Roode sneaks back in the ring and double teams AJ with Kaz. AJ hits a double DDT on both men and covers Roode but Daniels makes the save. Storm comes in and assists AJ with Daniels and AJ argues with him that he had him. Hardy tags himself in and hits the Twist of Fate on a charging Kazarian for the pin.

Winners by pin: Hardy, Storm, & AJ

Hardy celebrates alone in the ring as Storm and AJ leave and bicker. Aces & 8's storm the ring and attack Hardy as Storm comes back with a chair and clears the ring. Roode smiles and applauds from the ramp. Aces & 8's and Roode give each other a thumbs up and apparently Roode paid them to take out Hardy. Roode says, "It pays to be Roode" as we go off the air.

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