Re-Post: TNA Impact Results With Tons Of Video

Re-Post: TNA Impact Results With Tons Of Video
We start this week with a recap of recent events involving Aces & 8's, Wes Briscoe, and the Brooke-Bully situation. We go right to pyro and crowd shots. Bobby Roode's music hits and he makes his way down flanked by Kazarian & Daniels.

Kazarian starts off and berates the crowd. He talks about Fourtune. He says that was the past and they are focused on the future. Roode grabs the mic and says when he makes a guarantee, it becomes a reality. He says he will once again be the Champ. They get a loud "You Suck" chant. Daniels guarantees that AJ Styles is going to lose their match and calls him out.

AJ's music hits after a short delay and he comes to the ring. AJ says Daniels has been jealous of him since day one. He says Daniels couldn't beat him on his best day and AJ's worst. Daniels says that lately AJ has been a loser. AJ says Daniels talks too much and tackles him. AJ is stomped out by the 3 men until James Storm and Jeff Hardy storm (no pun intended) the ring. The heels escape. The 6 men will face off later tonight.

-We go to Austin Aries' "controversial" comments about Brooke Hogan from the end of last week's show.

-We go to a promo in the back from Aries. He says this whole thing is about getting revenge on Hogan for making him lose his World Title. He was only pushing Hogan's buttons. He says Bully ruined his plans when he came down last week and cost him the X-Division Title. He wants Hogan to give him Bully this Sunday.

-Samoa Joe walks toward the ring in the back as we take a break.

TNA Television Championship: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Devon

Devon comes out first, alone, but with a bat. Joe comes to the ring. The bell rings and they circle each other and lock up. Joe backs him into the corner and they reset with Devon getting the advantage. Devon gets in a shot after the break and Joe goes to work with shots and kicks of his own. Joe hits a huge knee drop. Devon pulls the rope down and Joe falls out. Devon sends him into the steps and gets 2 back in the ring. Devon hits a spinning back elbow to keep Joe under control. Devon gets another 2. Devon missed with the headbutt out of the corner and they both get up at the same time and trade shots. Joe hits an inverted atomic drop followed by a big boot and a Senton Splash for 2. Joe hits the Rock Bottom in the corner and applies a rear choke as Devon gets up. A hot blonde gets on the apron and distracts the ref as Doc attacks Joe from behind with a hammer for Devon to get the pin. Several hot girls are at ringside with Doc and they celebrate with Devon.

Winner by pin AND NEW TNA TV Champion: Devon

-Brooke Hogan is on the phone in the back. She is talking to someone she just signed. It's a girl. We go to commercial.

-D-Lo and Al Snow enter the building and talk about what had happened to the missing Snow. Snow woke up in a hospital and had apparently got mugged.

-Mickie James comes to the ring looking stunning in a dress. She gets a "Welcome Back" chant. She says she is not done and will once again be the Knockout Champion. She is interrupted by Tara & her 'boo.' They get in the ring and start to bicker. Velvet Sky's music hits and she comes down to the ring in an equally stunning mini skirt. Velvet snatches the mic from Tara and thanks the fans and says she has missed them. Velvet thanks Brooke Hogan for getting her back in TNA. Velvet wishes both ladies luck this Sunday but says that 2013 is the year of Velvet Sky's next Title reign.

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