WWE SmackDown Results: Sheamus Vs. Del Rio, Orton Vs. Barrett, The Shield & More

WWE SmackDown Results: Sheamus Vs. Del Rio, Orton Vs. Barrett, The Shield & More Photo: Johnny Gee Photography
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We begin this week with a video recap of RAW involving The Shield. We are shown Mr. McMahon's statement regarding CM Punk's condition.

-We go to Booker T who is in the ring standing at a table. He says he has to make a drastic decision and sends to a video of Sheamus and Big Show's brawl on cars in the back from last month. Booker says he has made a 'no contact' clause between Show and Sheamus that will last until TLC. Booker wants the men to sign a contract making it official. He introduces Big Show followed by Sheamus.

Booker says if Show breaks the clause he will be stripped of the title. Show and Sheamus take their respective seats at the table. Sheamus looks over the contract and cuts a promo on Show. Sheamus signs the contract. Booker hands the papers over to Show who also looks them over. Show also cuts a promo. Sheamus says he made Show relevant again. He says he will end Show's career at TLC. Show goes signs the papers but not before he turns the table over on Sheamus. Show gloats that Sheamus can't touch him as Booker holds Sheamus back. Booker says Sheamus has a match against Alberto Del Rio tonight and Show has to face Daniel Bryan. Bryan comes to the ring. We go to break.

Big Show vs. Daniel Bryan

The bell sounds as we return and Bryan goes to work with kicks to the leg but Show just over powers him and hits chops to the chest. Bryan fights back but Show's power is too much. Show hits a scoop slam and slowly takes it to Bryan. Bryan tries his own chops to the chest but they have no effect on Show. Bryan takes out Show's legs with a dropkick and Show goes out to regroup. Bryan sends Show into the steel steps but Show regains offense as we go to commercial.

Show hits a huge elbow in the ring and gets 2 as we return. Bryan fights back with more No Kicks but Show won't let up. Bryan gets both boots up in the corner and mounts offense as he knocks Show down to his knees with NO Kicks. Show catches Bryan with a chokeslam but Bryan rolls through and counters and gets 2. Show kicks out with force. Bryan goes up top as The Shield make their way down the stands. Show brings Bryan down off the top with a chokeslam and gets the pin.

Winner by pin: The Big Show

Show takes notice of the Shield and slowly exits as the 3 men enter the ring and start to beat Bryan. Kane's pyro goes off and he comes down to save Bryan. They are too much for Kane and they beat him down at ringside. They clear off the announce table and all 3 assist in power-bombing Kane through it. We go to a commercial.

-Miss Piggy and Flo Rida do a commercial for Tribute to the Troops.

-Damien Sandow is in the ring and he wants to give another fan a chance to be his apprentice. He chooses a man in the crowd and he enters the ring. Sandow asks what 5+5 is. Then he asks who the President of the USA is. Sandow asks a question about 17th Century art. The fan fails to be his apprentice and is dismissed. Miz interrupts and comes to the ring to berate Sandow. He talks about Sandow's bath robe and pink trunks from Victoria's Secret. Miz leaves.

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