Re-Post - WWE SmackDown Results With Tons Of Video

-Back from a break as Alberto Del Rio makes his full entrance. Sheamus comes to the ring.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus

Sheamus gets an early takedown but Del Rio turns the tables. Sheamus hits a big boot out of the corner and gets 2 in the ring. Del Rio goes out to regroup but Sheamus gives chase and sends him back in. Sheamus goes for a suplex from the apron to the floor but Del Rio counters and kicks Sheamus to the floor. Big Show walks onto the stage as we go to break.

Del Rio is in control in the ring. Show paces back and forth on the stage. Del Rio hits a moonsault out of the corner for 2. Sheamus applies the Arm Breaker in the ropes and breaks before the ref gets to 5. Sheamus starts to mount a comeback and gain momentum. Sheamus hits his forearms-in-the-ropes spot and suplexes Del Rio into the ring. Sheamus hits a shoulder off the corner for 2. Del Rio hits a huge kick to the head of Sheamus and gets 2. Sheamus avoids a moonsault from Del Rio out of the corner and hits the Irish Curse. Sheamus applies the Cloverleaf and Del Rio taps.

Winner by submission: Sheamus

Big Show makes his way down the ramp and applauds. He gets in the ring, drapes his title on the ropes and dares Sheamus to punch him in the face. Sheamus starts to pound his chest as Show closes his eyes and Sheamus sends Ricardo Rodriguez into Show's groin. Show cringes in pain on the mat. Sheamus stands tall as we go off the air.

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