Buff Bagwell Says He's In Talks To Join TNA, Discusses Car Accident & Time In WCW

The WCW Tapings: "WCW didn't have to be a TV company. WWF had to sell their product to a TV Company. We had 500 people get in free at WCW Center Stage. I was out on the street begging people to come in and sit down. We gave away bicycles and everything to get people in, then tape a months work of matches. So we would do 25 matches in a day. We had to be careful with angles and stuff, because if someone gets hurt, then you ruin the angle. If you notice, when me and Riggs were on the shows, we were announced as Tag Champions, but we didn't have the belts."

On breaking his neck: "What happened then, Rick didn't tell anyone, he had tore his rotator cuff. So here's a bulldog, a move I have taken a thousand times. He comes off the top and misses me. It was live TV. So I was trying to catch up to him, and as I was trying to catch up with him, he hit the mat and went back into my face. So my face went into his back, and the back of my head touched my shoulder blades. And I just went instantly limp. Basically my face went into his back at a perfect angle, so medically at Level 3-4, that cervical disk shot into my spinal cord and bruised it. To me, when it swelled you lose; its not like a stinger, or I'm gonna be ok, as soon as I got hit I said "I am paralyzed." So the finish of the match, Scotty was gonna slide in, hit Rick with a chair, put me on Rick, pin 1-2-3, NWO wins. I am on the mat face down, and as soon as he rolled me over I said I am paralyzed. His eyes were like oh my god, then I had 270 pounds of a maniac named Scotty Steiner coming in with a chair. If you watch the match, you will see my mouth going 100 miles an hour saying "Please don't touch me, I am hurt." So all Scott did was hit Rick with a chair, and then he was gonna put my arm across Rick, as soon as he did my arm didn't stay there, because I was paralyzed from the neck down. So the ref counted three while both our backs were on the mat. It was just a bad scene.

On a possible future with TNA: "Me and Eric are talking. Sting wants me to come down there and work for TNA. So we are in talks, we are waiting for me to get back to 100%. We are about 2 weeks out. I just spoke to Sting yesterday. So Eric is gonna bring me down and talk to me and just see what happens, so I am in the mix with maybe going back to TNA now."

For more from Marcus Bagwell, including talk about his various tag team partners, who was supposed to be in the original American Males, who Eric Bischoff wanted to lead the NWO, his mom being a tag champion, the "Buff Bagwell Heat", his time in and current relationship with WWE, and what the future holds, go to shiningwizards.com and listen to Episode 65: Monday Night Wars with Buff Bagwell and Headbanger Thrasher.

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