WWE SmackDown Results - Final 'TLC' Hype, Sheamus Vs. Cesaro, Big Show, The Shield & More

Winners by pin: Team Rhodes Scholars

-We go to a shot of David Otunga. He sips his coffee as he reviews the "no-contact" contract that Big Show signed. The camera pulls back and we see Show. He tells Show he's right about the clause. Show tells him to use his Harvard Degree for him. Otunga says they will address it publicly. We go to commercial.

-Show and Otunga are in the ring and Show says we all clearly saw Sheamus put his hands on him and violated the clause. He gives the mic to his legal council. Otunga says Booker T forced Big Show to sign a legally binding contract and now won't honor it. He says he will have to talk to the Board of Directors and call for Booker's removal as GM.

Booker's music hits and he comes on the ramp. He says Otunga's degree isn't worth the paper it is printed on. Booker says the contract is not by the letter of the law but by the spirit of the intent. Booker says the match at TLC between Show and Sheamus is still on. Show shouts and stomps in the ring. Otunga says that just because Booker has been to prison it does not make him a legal expert. Otunga says he's going to get Sheamus fired too.

Sheamus' music hits and he runs to the ring with a chair. He says if Booker says the match is off there is nothing stopping him from kicking Show's arse right now. Show clears his throat and looks shaken and says the contract is still valid and he ducks out and walks up the ramp. Sheamus turns around and gives the Brogue Kick to David Otunga.

-Josh and JBL discuss things at ringside. Josh sends to a video of Randy Orton versus Brad Maddox from 2 weeks ago on RAW. We see the following attack by The Shield on Orton. We will get Orton's thoughts after the break.

-We return to a violent stomping of Orton by The Shield in the back already in progress. They leave him in a heap of trash and on a broken table.

Kaitlyn vs. Aksana

The ladies are already in the ring and Aksana gets an early takedown and headlock. Aksana holds tight to the headlock as Kaitlyn tries unsuccessfully to escape. Aksana gets a near fall and goes back to the headlock. Kaitlyn hits a sideslam on Aksana but she will not let go. Josh says they hope to have an update on Randy Orton.

Kaitlyn lifts Aksana on her shoulder and hits a series of clotheslines and a backbreaker across her knee for the win.

Winner by pin: Kaitlyn

-We go to Matt Striker in front of the trainer's room as people go in and out. Orton has suffered a separated shoulder and it was hanging out of the socket. He also may have suffered a concussion.

-MizTV is next.

-The Miz is in the ring for MizTV. He talks about The Shield and two of their opponents at TLC this Sunday, his guests, Team Hell No. Kane and Daniel Bryan come to the ring to Kane's music. Miz starts to ask Bryan how it felt and Bryan interrupts and asks him if he's Oprah. Bryan starts to cut a promo about the therapy that he and Kane have gone though and when The Shield are begging him to stop, he going to be saying, "No No NO!" Kane says he and Bryan are now on the same page and are unstoppable.

The footage goes to black and flickers to video of The Shield. Dean Ambrose picks up the camera from the floor and they introduce themselves. They cut a promo about justice and that their hands were forced. They say in 48 hours they will bring the sword and justice will be served. Kane asks why wait until Sunday. Roman Reins says, "Finally, something we agree on." They drop the camera and Kane and Bryan look around the ring for them. The Shield appears in a skybox and start to make their way to the ring. Ryback's music hits and he comes to the ring. The Shield hesitates in the stands as Ryback and the fans chant, "Feed Me More." The Shield retreats. We go to break.

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