Eve Torres On If The Divas Search Would Work Today, COMBOS Files, Fantasy Matches, Her Engagement

It's a great way to do that, I think it's great. We've had a lot of really great talent come in through the Diva Search and I hope to see us doing another one very soon. Word on the street is that there is one going on, but it's always kind of confusing. We never really know what's going on. [Laughs.] So, hopefully, there will be another influx of a great group of women.

WrestlingINC: Yeah. You're also the head instructor for the Gracie Women Empowered Self-Defense Program. How is that going?

Eve: It's amazing. This program started in January and we had our first group receive what we call their pink belts. Basically, they've gone through the entire program, they've mastered the entire program and they've developed these incredible reflexes. They've really put in time and effort and energy and they just earned their pink belts that go along with the program.

This is a program that we're continuing to refine and develop and offer everywhere in the world. So, right now I teach and the Gracie Academy. But, I've taught at the Air Force, I've taught corporate women before. It's kind of going to be a program that moves. In my opinion, I think every woman in the world needs to learn this stuff because it's such an effective program.

It's all-encompassing, it's not just a few aggressive tactics. It's the entire picture. What happens if someone takes you to the ground. It's also what happens if the attacker is actually somebody that you actually know. Because, you'll have different tactics and different strategies if the sexual assault is a date-rape situation which is actually the most common. About 78% of the sexual assaults are by people you know.

So, it's important to be mentally prepared for how to react for those situations and not always think that sexual assault is going to be somebody that jumps out from an alley or is in a dark parking lot and is somebody that you may not know.

WrestlingINC: Have you been teaching these techniques to anyone at WWE?

Eve: I actually have. There's been a few times that we've been in the ring and I'll just show them a few little techniques here and there. But, it's so important. That's why I started learning. I'm on the road five days a week in a different city every day. Some times, I have to check out at a hotel at 4 AM in the morning in a city that I don't live in by myself. And I have to go to my car and there's no other way to go about that. There really isn't.

All of us have to do that and it's really important for me to feel like I knew how to handle those situations in the very best way and reduce my risk as much as possible if I have to be in a dangerous situation like that.

WrestlingINC: You and C.M. Punk recently did The COMBOS Files: The Haba-Sabi Challenge (watch the video). What was that experience like?

Eve: It was so much fun. The COMBOS Files is basically like an interactive web series that COMBOS created involving other celebrities including myself and C.M. Punk. We basically went to their test kitchen and we had celebrity chef Graham Elliot and he basically creates these flavors that fans have submitted on the COMBOS Facebook page. And also flavors that myself and C.M. Punk came up with.

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