WWE Super SmackDown Results - Big E Langston Is Back, The Shield Attacks, More

Winner: Damien Sandow

- After the match, The Shield enter the ring and beat Cara down. They hold Cara down while Rollins goes to the top and comes down with a knee drop on Cara's injured knee. The Shield leave as officials check on Cara.

Santino Marella vs. Tensai

We go to the ring and out first comes Santino Marella. Out next is Tensai and he's ready to fight after being made fun of at The Slammys. The fans start chanting "Albert." Tensai drops Santino first and starts working him over. Santino gets dropped on his face and Tensai drops an elbow. Tensai talks some trash and smacks Santino before taking him to the corner for more.

Tensai goes on and gets a 2 count. Tensai drops Santino with a headbutt and drops another elbow. He does the same sequence for another 2 count. Santino finally fights back and scoop slams Tensai. Santino with a headbutt. Santino pulls out the Cobra but Tensai blocks it and applies a sleeper hold. Santino tries for the Cobra again and breaks the hold. Santino hits the Cobra but it does nothing. Tensai drops him. Tensai goes for a splash but Santino moves and rolls him up for the win.

Winner: Santino Marella

- The announcers discuss The Shield before showing footage of Superstar of the Year at RAW, including Ric Flair's return and CM Punk appearing. We see The Shield attacking Flair and then Ryback, Kane and Daniel Bryan making the save.

- Team Hell No are backstage with Kofi Kingston. Kane says Kofi needs eyes in the back of his head for their match tonight. Kofi tells them he needs to get his hands on Wade Barrett. Bryan is still upset about not winning the Slammy for "LOL Moment" last night.

Wade Barrett, Darren Young and Titus O'Neil vs. Kane, Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston

We go to the ring and out first comes Wade Barrett. His partners Darren Young and Titus O'Neil are out next. Out next comes WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston followed by Tag Team Champions Team Hell No.

Titus and Kofi start things off. Kofi goes right to the floor and attacks Barrett. They come back in the ring and Young tags in. Kofi unloads and tags in Bryan for some double teaming. Bryan with kicks in the corner. Bryan with a submission until Kane tags in with a big dropkick. 2 count on Young. Kane takes Young to the corner until Bryan comes back in to take control. Young counters and drops Bryan over the top rope. Barrett comes in and starts stomping on Bryan.

Kofi finally comes in and unloads on Barrett. Kofi hits the Boom Drop. He calls for Trouble in Paradise but Young distracts him and Barrett knocks him to the floor. Titus tosses Kofi hard into the fan barrier. Titus brings Kofi back in the ring and works him over. Young also tags in and keeps up the assault on Kofi. Barrett comes in for a bit of double teaming. Barrett unloads with knees to the gut. 2 count by Barrett. Young comes back in and Kofi fights back. Kofi finally hits a DDT out of the corner on Young. Kane tags in and cleans house. Kane clotheslines Titus and then dodges one. Kane with the big sidseslam and a 2 count. Team Hell No get the win.

Winners: Kofi Kingston and Team Hell No

- Sheamus and John Cena are backstage. Cena says they need to focus on tonight. Cena says Big E Langston might be the strongest guy in WWE. Sheamus asks what's up with Cena and AJ. Cena whispers something and it surprises Sheamus. Cena whispers some more and Sheamus chuckles. Sheamus is surprised at something else but Cena say she was just kidding.

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