WWE Super SmackDown Results - Big E Langston Is Back, The Shield Attacks, More

- We go to the ring and out comes WWE Champion CM Punk with Paul Heyman. Punk makes his way down the ramp on crutches.

Punk talks about 394 days as WWE Champion. Punk disses the fans for not voting him as Superstate of the Year. He's also upset that Cena gave the Slammy to Ric Flair. Punk says Flair is back just to make a paycheck for his alimony. Punk calls Flair a loser. Punk says he is a real man, the gold standard. Punk says he has set the bar so high that nobody else may touch it. Punk says he has been carrying WWE on his back. Punk goes on but is interrupted by Ryback's music.

Ryback takes a mic and Punk keeps him at bay with the crutches. Heyman reminds Ryback that Punk isn't medically cleared to compete. Ryback says he will be, according to doctors. Ryback says he has his sights set on the first RAW of 2013. Ryback says he will become WWE Champion. The fans chant "feed me more" as Punk looks on. Punk and Heyman leave as Ryback poses in the ring.

Ryback vs. Antonio Cesaro

Ryback waits in the ring as WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro comes out.

They lock up and Cesaro goes to a headlock. Ryback shoves Cesaro out of the ring. Cesaro comes back in and tries for a roll up but Ryback blocks it and slams his head into the mat repeatedly. Cesaro comes back again and hits the big uppercut. Cesaro ducks a clothesline but gets hit with a Thesz Press and a splash. Cesaro rolls out of the ring and goes to get his title. Ryback grabs him on the floor but Cesaro slides out and shoves him into the steel steps. Ryback makes it in the ring at 9. Ryback takes back control but runs into the ring post. Cesaro with a big uppercut from the corner for a 2 count.

Cesaro with another headlock and more offense. Ryback snaps and nothing is hurting him now. He runs over Cesaro. Ryback ends up hitting Shell Shocked for the win.

Winner: Ryback

- Kaitlyn is backstage walking. AJ walks up and wishes her good luck. They end up arguing and Kaitlyn says AJ makes it hard to be her friend. AJ starts crying. Kaitlyn says she has a title match to get to and starts to walk away. AJ attacks her from behind and they start brawling. Officials pulls AJ away as she screams.

WWE Divas Title Match: Kaitlyn vs. Eve Torres

We go to the ring and out first comes WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres. Out next comes Kaitlyn, still recovering from the brawl with AJ a few minutes ago.

Eve drops Kaitlyn to start the match and slams her head into the mat. Eve goes on and kicks her in the stomach then takes her down again. Eve with a 2 count. Eve puts the boot to Kaitlyn's face and hits a back splash for 2. Eve uses the ropes to choke Kaitlyn before knocking her out to the floor.

Eve brings it back in the ring and keeps Kaitlyn on the mat. Kaitlyn tries for a comeback but Eve blocks it and goes for another pin attempt. Kaitlyn finally breaks free and rolls Eve up for 2. Kaitlyn with another roll up. Kaitlyn with a roll up from the second rope for a close 2 count. Kaitlyn scoop slams Eve and takes her down with a shoulder tackle. Another 2 count by Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn drops Eve with an inverted DDT but still can't get the win. Eve blocks a Samoan Drop but Kaitlyn dropkicks her from the apron to the floor. Kaitlyn leaps out onto Eve and takes her down on the floor. Kaitlyn slams Eve into the announce table and brings it back in the ring. Kaitlyn goes up top but Eve grabs the referee's ankle. Kaitlyn tries to pull her but Eve won't let go so the referee falls down. The referee calls for the bell and that's it.

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