Rhino Talks His Time With ECW, Vince Interrupting His Match, Leaving WWE, TNA & More

Then it closed and we had our last two house shows. About three weeks after that, they had called me and I had put some feelers out to New Japan and I always wanted to wrestle for New Japan or All Japan. Actually, Jerry Lynn got me in contact with Brad Rheingans. Then, Bruce Prichard called me back three weeks after it closed and he said 'Well, look, this is our deal. We'll send you out a contract, have a lawyer look at it.' It was a pretty basic, standard contract for that time.

Then, later that night, Brad Rheingans called me for a March tour. [Laughs.] When it rains, it pours. I told Brad that if you would have called me before them, I would have taken your tour because it was always a goal to wrestle over there. But, obviously, I ended up signing with WWE.

WrestlingINC: There was that incident in 2003 where Vince McMahon entered the ring and cut short a match with you and Tajiri at a house show...

Rhino: You know what? It's funny you just brought that up. [Laughs.] Someone brought that up the other day. Yeah, this was the deal. ... Yeah, well, a lot of people online got mad at Vince. Before the match, he goes 'You can't make any mistakes.' That's when he was going on the loops, right, the house show loop with New York and stuff.

In ECW, if they start chanting 'BORING', you just work out of it and go into something and do whatever. I was told by an agent -- and I'm not revealing any names because I don't believe in that -- that if you go into a hold and they start chanting boring just to sit on it. So, I snap-mare and we didn't call anything but Tajiri was all about calling stuff.

So, I think he just got nervous. So, they were chanting boring. So, obviously, they're watching the match, right? So, I go, you want to see boring. Locked that reverse chin lock in and did it three times. Anyway, I thought Vince was working because I couldn't really hear him when he was talking. I couldn't really hear because of the way that the speakers are set up.

Before that show, he was like 'You can't make a mistake out there.' So, I'm thinking, oh, he wants to get involved in the match or something to see how we'd work on our feet and adlib and stuff like that. [Laughs.] So, I'm like 'What are you going to do? Fire me?' And I'm staring in the middle of the ring and the referee goes 'I think he's serious.' I'm like 'Serious about what? I can't hear him.' So, Vince talks to me and says 'Tajiri's going to drop kick you and go to the back.'

So, I talk to Vince afterwards and he says 'If they're chanting boring, they're bored.' You can't argue with the guy when he comes back with an answer like that. And I understand what the agents told me. So I said 'Well, one of your agents told me that if they're chanting boring, just sit on the hold. At least I had Tajiri stand up and kicked him.' He's like 'Well, obviously, that agent wasn't a top guy. Top guys save their money, they don't need to work and they don't become agents.'

Nowadays, you've got some guys that have really done some serious money and are agents and stuff. But, there was no arguing. What do you say? 'Oh, so if they're chanting to a girl to show your t--s, are they obligated to show their t--s?' You know what I mean?

So, a lot of people online were upset and all that with how Vince handled that. But, I actually got a really good pay off, too.

WrestlingINC: Was that kind of the end of that, or did you talk to Vince after?

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