Rhino Talks His Time With ECW, Vince Interrupting His Match, Leaving WWE, TNA & More

Rhino: No, we talked after the match and that was it. I think he felt bad because I did get a really good pay check for that match. I was like, s--t, I wish he would have came out after the first reverse chin lock. [Laughs.] It was actually a pretty good house, too. But, I got a little bit more I think.

It was a learning experience, too. A lot of people online had my back because I think at that time they appreciated my hard work. Even Tajiri's.

WrestlingINC: When they brought in the ECW One Night Stand pay-per-view, did you think that was a good idea? Were you excited about that?

Rhino: Yeah. Obviously the WWE -- it's not just Vince. People think WWE = Vince. Him and Linda [McMahon], because I study where I go, I watch this and that, if it wasn't for Linda, there wouldn't be a Linda. If there wasn't a Vince, there wouldn't be a Linda. Then, there wouldn't be a WWE if it wasn't for guys like Pat Patterson. I mean, guys behind the scenes were just as important as the guys that were in front of the camera.

Nowadays, the guys that are writing the shows and helping characters out, agents... So, it's a team effort. So, I think from the business point, they saw an opportunity to create revenue and stuff like that. There was still a market for ECW because that was in '05. The company had ceased to exist for four years and there was a crying out for it.

So, obviously they did the math on paper and 'OK, we'll give this DVD a go,' and that was successful. Then, they did a show and that was very successful and Tommy Dreamer had his hands in on that. There's still a market and people crying out for that.

WrestlingINC: Looking back now at your WWE run, are you happy with it?

Rhino: Yes and no. I was in my mid-20's. The thing that I'm not happy with is I didn't take the time to enjoy it. I see that with a lot of young guys in wrestling. They don't stop, take a breath and enjoy it. It's sad because you look back and you're like 'Wow.'

I'm very blessed with the whole wrestling business. But, I didn't really take the time and enjoy ECW -- I mean, I did but I didn't. With WWE, I didn't really take that time and take a breath and enjoy it. That's what I think a lot of people do. They're there at a young age and they don't realize 'Wow, this is something greater than great.'

I don't say 'Oh, I wish I had a better push.' You know, I think I could have contributed more. I think I've learned in the last five years to say 'Hey, we can get more out of this, more out of that.'

WrestlingINC: When you joined TNA, was that something you were excited about or was it just something to do at that time?

Rhino: I was excited about it because it was a young company and it was something different. I think we as people get comfortable. It's kind of like a term, you know, you serve one or two terms. You're fresh, then it gets stale and you need a change up. I think if you're at one place for too long doing the same thing, you kind of get comfortable and stale and you lose that fire and that passion to make a difference and contribute and help growth. Whether it's in a country, a company or in everyday life.

I'm not telling all the guys out there to get a divorce and get a new woman or vice-versa. [Laughs.] Definitely not saying that. Guy walks home tonight from the factory 'Hey honey, it's online, Rhino said freshen things up. I've been married to you for four years. Pack your bags. I need a new wife.' [Laughs.]

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