TNA Impact Results: Championship Thursday, Hardy-Aries 3, Bully-Brooke & More

Winners by pin: Matt Morgan & Joey Ryan

King asks RVD if he's OK from the ramp in a nonchalant manner and motions for him to get up. King laughs on the ramp and says, "Dam* that looks like it hurt. How's ya face?" We take a commercial break.

-We see a replay of AJ Styles' promo from last week. We go to the locker room where Kazarian says he has no feelings on AJ walking away and that his boots were meant for walking. He says Christmas is his favorite time of the year and everybody will see how gracious he is to his friend, Daniels. He pretends to get a call from Santa Claus.

-Hulk Hogan makes his way to the ring. He gets a nice chant in the ring. He says they make him feel like he's 18 years old. He puts over TNA's success. He tells fans to go to to vote for wrestler of the year. Aces & 8's music hits and they saunter out to the ring led by Devon. Hogan says if Devon's so tough then why doesn't he come out alone. Devon says Aces & 8's are the truth and 2013 will be the year for them. He says it will also be the year they will be revealed but Hogan won't be around to see it. They get on the apron and surround Hogan. Bully Ray runs out with a chain and they flee. Bully and Devon have words from a distance. Hogan and Bully have a stare-down and Hogan walks out of the ring. He looks back at Bully and shakes his head in a disgusted way. Bully mouths, "What do I have to do?" We go to commercial.

-Jeff Hardy talks to Austin Aries by himself in the mirror. He says he will beat Aries again.

-We go back to Brooke's office with Mickie James, Miss Tessmacher, and Velvet Sky. Tessmacher says she's been here the whole time and she deserves another shot. Velvet and Mickie say they both returned at the same and haven't gotten their time yet. Brooke decides to eliminate Tessmacher. Tessmacher wishes them luck and leaves.

-Kazarian is on his way to the ring with presents and singing.

-We return to a highlight package of AJ Styles' recent actions including the Claire storyline and his loss to Daniels and subsequent "walk-out."

-Daniels walks out and says not even these "ass goblins" can ruin his mood. There is a Santa's throne and a tree with presents in the ring. At the top is "two stars:" A picture of Daniels and Kazarian. Kaz introduces Daniels to the ring after much fanfare and calling him the face of Impact. Daniels comes down and is handed his martini. Kaz tells him to sit on the throne for now. Kaz continues to pour on the compliments. Kaz introduces a guy with the "biggest sack" he's ever seen, Santa Claus. A rather skinny Santa comes down to the ring with a bag.

Daniels lets Santa take a seat in his place. Daniels hands Santa a gift to open from under the tree and it's the tye-dye Zumba pants Daniels & Kazarian wore recently. Daniels takes a seat on Santa's lap for a picture. Santa asks if he's been a good boy this season. The crowd starts a "No!" chant. Daniels says he got rid of the biggest loser in history, AJ. Santa says he is going to grant his wish. Daniels says it's about what you give and not get. He asks Santa if he can give his wish to someone who needs it. He wants to give anything to AJ Styles' kids because he is such a loser he won't be able to get them anything. James Storm's music hits and he walks down the ramp. He says he's been watching them make a mockery of Christmas and that won't happen on his watch. Daniels says Storm is the reason AJ won't get another title shot for at least a year and needs to be put on the naughty list.

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