Rhino Talks Time With TNA & His Departure, Extreme Rising, Learning From Flair, WWE One Night Stand

Then, I wasn't on TV for six to eight months, then I was home for three and then they cut my pay. [Laughs.] Then they brought me back and worked me because I was on my down side and then they cut my pay on top of that where I couldn't even pay my bills. Then, they put me on the road and then they released me. [Laughs.] Wow. That makes me feel good after seven years of my life that I gave to you.

WrestlingINC: Did they give you a reason for your release?

Rhino: No. Well, they go 'This is what it is. We have to renegotiate contracts.' Then, what they do is the last two months, they cut your pay to the bare minimum and then they put you on the road. So, they get the money out of the down side they paid you. Which is a smart business move.

Everybody thought I was going to WWE because I was so happy and did the thing on TV. I'm like 'I haven't even talked to them and it's really none of your business.' Even Terry Taylor pulled me aside and goes 'Are you really going there?' 'No, I haven't even talked to anybody.' 'You're just really happy?' 'Because I'm working, I' on the road doing the house shows and I'm at TV doing some stuff there. But, I'm on the road and that's what making me happy.'

They didn't get it. It wasn't like I signed a million dollar contract but I'm working. You guys never worked me, it's been sporadic. But one of the many good things about that is that I didn't beat up my body because the schedule was like...I hated it.

WrestlingINC: Were you eventually offered a new contract?

Rhino: No, what they were trying to do at that point -- and I don't know if they changed -- but they were saying to a lot of people 'Hey, we'll give you this much if we use you.' Yeah, that works to your benefit. But, you're saying that if you sit a guy at home for three months, he can't go work indies but he's only paid if you use him. I just threw them some numbers and I came down to my per-show price but I wanted to be on all the shows.

The thing is that if they allowed you to work indies, a lot of these indies will set it up for days and months in advance. Then, they'll swoop down and say 'Hey, I need you this weekend.' Well, I have some shows, I can't cancel them. It's not fair to an independent promoter. You know? He spends hundreds if not a few thousand dollars in advertisement and getting it ready and all that stuff for you to cancel? It's not fair.

WrestlingINC: While you were there, TNA also had their ECW reunion show and you were a part of that. And you were a part of WWE's first ECW reunion show. What do you think the biggest differences were between the two?

Rhino: Tommy [Dreamer] ran that one [TNA], it was very successful. I never got the real numbers but I heard it outdrew by four times any of their other pay-per-views. That's just what I've heard, I never actually saw the numbers. But, it was fun. I remember the locker room being so empty. It was a good show, it was an entertaining show. The crowd was happy with it, the fans were happy with it. There's a longing for it. It's just like with this whole Extreme Rising thing.

It's just one of those things were there's still a market for it and it's a solid market. That's one thing I remember. Everybody had the day off and it was just Dreamer. He let people have knowledge of who they were working with and say 'Do this, this, this,' and it just worked because everybody would go out and do their thing.

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