Re-Post: TNA Impact Wrestling Results (With Tons Of Video)

Re-Post: TNA Impact Wrestling Results (With Tons Of Video)
-TNA Impact begins with an on-screen written acknowledgement of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary.

-It's Championship Thursday. Can Hulk Hogan trust Bully Ray? Tonight is Hardy-Aries 3. Who will leave as champion? We see Aries and Hardy arriving from earlier in the day.

TNA Television Championship: Devon (c) vs. Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle limps to the ring. He grabs the mic and says he wants a title shot; the title that belongs to those sons of bit**es Aces & 8's. Devon leads his group to ringside. Angle says he has a pack of his own. Down come Samoa Joe, Wes Briscoe, and Garret Bischoff.

The bell rings and they lock up. Devon hits an early shoulderblock but Angle fights back. Angle moves and a charging Devon goes to the floor. The two factions mix it up at ringside. The ref gets them separated and throws Aces & 8's out from ringside. Devon takes out Angle's knee from behind in the ring as we go to break.

-We are told that Devon has been in control throughout the break as he works Angle's knee in the ring. Angle fights back with strikes to the head and a dropkick from the 2nd rope. Both men struggle on the mat to get up. Angle is up first with a series of clotheslines and a suplex for 2. Devon counters an Angle Slam and hits a spinebuster for 2. Angle hits a trifecta of German Suplexes. Angle locks in the Ankle Lock in the center of the ring as Aces & 8's come back to ringside. The ref gets distracted as Devon taps. Kurt's friends come back down to even up the numbers. One of the big masked men hits Angle in the back of the head with a lead pipe and Devon gets the win.

Winner by pin AND STILL TNA Television Champion: Devon

Wes, Joe, and Garett storm the ring as Aces & 8's flee and celebrate at ringside. Angle is helped up in the ring.

-We go to Brooke Hogan's office where the Knockouts are gathered. Brooke tries to decide who deserves a title shot a la her father. ODB is eliminated. We go to break.

-Kenny King gives his thoughts in the back on his win against Rob Van Dam. He says he won, no matter what. He has no beef with RVD. TNA is where dreams come true and he got to face and defeat RVD, and now he gets to tag with him.

-Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan come to the ring, Morgan in his Hogan robe and Ryan moving sleazily as usual. Kenny King makes his entrance followed by Rob Van Dam.

Rob Van Dam & Kenny King vs. Matt Morgan & Joey Ryan

Ryan and RVD start off. Ryan lands a kick and begins to mock RVD in a "karate" kind of way. He sounds like Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat. RVD hits a series of clotheslines and a back kick and standing moonsault for 2. RVD tags King who applies a side headlock on Ryan. Ryan counters with a go-behind but King hits an impressive Japanese Armdrag. Morgan tags in off the back of Ryan and hits a massive clothesline on King. Morgan glares at the camera; he looks like a Neanderthal. Morgan continues to dominate King and tags Ryan back in. Ryan puts a boot in the face of King in the corner and then delivers a shot to the face of RVD on the apron for good measure. Morgan drives King face-first into the turnbuckle from the apron behind the ref's back then tags in legally. Morgan drives King into the mat with a sideslam and tags Ryan who is drooling from the mouth as he poses for the camera in the ropes. King finally tags RVD who comes in with quick kicks to Ryan. King and RVD hit a double dropkick to Morgan on the apron. King takes out Ryan in the ring as Morgan enters. King flashes the peace sign and dips out of the ring. This leaves RVD wide open for a Carbon Footprint from Morgan. Ryan gets the pin.

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