WWE NXT Year In Review Recap: Kane Vs. Rhodes, Rollins Vs. Mahal, The Shield Emerges

WWE NXT Year In Review Recap: Kane Vs. Rhodes, Rollins Vs. Mahal, The Shield Emerges
This week's edition of NXT from Florida is a best of 2012 edition where a few of the better feuds and matches from the year are showcased. Tony Dawson opens the show and talks about wrestlers that have stood out this year.

The first match shown is the tail end of the NXT Gold Rush Tournament finals between Seth Rollins and Jinder Mahal.

Rollins and Mahal are going back and forth with big strikes. JR mentions that Rollins has a bad knee. Despite that, Rollins hits a few kicks. Mahal comes back and hits Rollins with a sort of spinning sidewalk slam for a near fall.

They tie up and Mahal goes to work on Rollins back. Mahal goes for what looks like a Full Nelson Slam, but Rollins counters it. Rollins heads to the apron and lands a big kick to the head on Mahal. Rollins then bounds off the ropes and hits a knee to the back of his head for a near fall. Rollins goes to work on Mahal in the corner.

Mahal then sinks to his knees in the center of the ring and Rollins hits a big savate kick for a near fall. Rollins then heads up to the top rope and goes for a corkscrew moonsault, but Mahal gets out of the way. Mahal then successfully hits a Full Nelson Slam for a near fall.

Mahal signals for the Camel Clutch, but Rollins fights him off and nails a quick roll up for a near fall. Rollins then picks Mahal up in a power bomb position, but instead throws Mahal into the turnbuckle. He then bounds off the ropes and hits the Blackout for the win to become the first ever NXT Champion. Dusty Rhodes comes out and celebrates with him in the ring.

Tony Dawson then talks about The Shield and how much of an impact Rollins has made.

After that, a sizzle roll is shown that talks about Richie Steamboat, Audrey Marie, CJ Parker, Bo Dallas and Big E. Langston.

Following a commercial break, a longer (to be honest, rather creepy) vignette is shown that focuses on Bray Wyatt, which is followed by a match on July 11, 2012 he had against Aiden English.

It opens with Wyatt walking to the ring, delivering a creepy promo. English is already waiting in the ring for him.

The crowd is firmly in Wyatt's corner as the match starts. William Regal says that Wyatt gives him the collywobbles as he hits English with a few strikes. Wyatt then tosses English to the outside. He throws English back and forth between the barrier and the apron for a few minutes before sending him back in the ring.
Wyatt then picks English up into a Suplex position but throws him across the ring. He then lies down and sticks his head under the bottom rope and rolls around, back and forth, with a weird smile on his face.

English is in the corner, recovering, when Wyatt hits a running senton on him. He then picks up the unconscious looking English and begins waltzing with him around the ring. Wyatt hits a reverse STO and picks up the win. An in person New Years promo by Wyatt follows the match.

After the commercial, a vignette spotlighting Kassius Ohno is shown. It talks about how much pain he inflicts on his opponents, and sheds him in a very dominating light. Afterwards, Ohno is shown in person cutting a very CM Punk-esque New Years promo, where he mentions he will be the NXT Champion in 2013.

Speaking of CM Punk, immediately following the Ohno promo, CM Punk is shown and he talks about how Seth Rollins took his advice to heart the last time he was in NXT. He says that he hopes the rest of the NXT locker room listens to his advice because he knows that NXT is the future of the WWE. Punk then says that the WWE Championship is an attainable goal for anyone, and that the Rock will not defeat him at the Rumble.

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