Stevie Richards On Calling TNA An Indy League With TV, Scripted Promos, Extreme Rising, More

Stevie Richards On Calling TNA An Indy League With TV, Scripted Promos, Extreme Rising, More Photo: Johnny Gee Photography
Raj Giri of recently spoke with former WWE / ECW / TNA Superstar Stevie Richards about this Saturday's Extreme Rising iPPV from the Pennsylvania National Guard Armory in Philadelphia, PA on Saturday, December 29th. You can purchase tickets for the event or get more information at

Fans worldwide can watch the event -- which features a fully loaded card, title tournament finals, a title match to crown the first ever champion, as well as a cage match -- by ordering the iPPV VOD now at by clicking here.

In the second part of our interview below, Richards discusses calling TNA an indy promotion with TV, scripted promos, Extreme Rising and more. Click here for the first part of our interview, where Richards talked about his time with ECW and WWE, his favorite moment in WWE, if WWE's ECW could have worked, his WWE departure and more.

WrestlingINC: How would you describe your two-year stint with TNA (February 2009 to January 2011)?

Richards: I thought it would be great for quality of life because I wasn't working as much. You're working on Universal Studios so in you're off time, you're going to the park and you're having a good time. It's in Florida, which has great weather. Then, when I moved to Florida, it was great driving to and from work every two weeks

It was great from a quality-of-life stand point. From a financial stand point, I'm sure others have told you that yo don't make a lot of money unless you're one of the top two or three guys. So, it has it's ups and downs.

WrestlingINC: You were there as part of their Hardcore Justice pay-per-view. What was the atmosphere there and how does that compare to the first ECW One Night Stand (produced by WWE) pay-per-view?

Richards: In Hardcore Justice, I had a match. So, there was a little bit more contribution on my part so it felt like I was a little bit more involved. But, nothing recreated what the first One Night Stand did in the Hammerstein Ballroom. That's a high standard to try and live up to.

WrestlingINC: They kind of bounced you around in different angles and stuff in TNA. What lead to your eventual departure from the company?

Richards: Money, just money. I wasn't getting enough work and I wasn't getting the money. I didn't get the things I was promised for the two times that I moved to Florida for the company. So, it wasn't even strike three, it was strike two. [Laughs.] OK, that's it. So, I just walked in to the office at Universal Studios -- and I don't think many people in wrestling have quit in person. I just road up and thanked everybody for their time and I just quit.

It was funny how after not using me for so many months, they were shocked. Everybody but Terry Taylor who I talked to very often. So, he was familiar with what I was planning to do. It was kind of funny that you just expect me to hang around and not be allowed to contribute or make money. It's like if you had a regular job. You wouldn't just keep showing up if they weren't going to pay you. You'd find another job.

WrestlingINC: During an interview, you had called TNA an independent promotion with TV. Where did that remark come from?

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