Stevie Richards On Calling TNA An Indy League With TV, Scripted Promos, Extreme Rising, More

I'm going the other way. I usually do a lot of body resistance training, I usually do a lot of stuff to stay lean. But, I'm trying to put on a bit more size and trying to make it more of a submission-style match. Which is different for me, usually I like to have different types of matches. So, we'll have something a little bit different.

But, no matter what, we're going ot both do our best and hopefully have the best match on the show. Probably have the best match on the show if I don't sound to cocky saying that. [Laughs.]

WrestlingINC: You said you've been training for a lot of submission wrestling, is that right?
Richards: I've been doing some submission wrestling. More hitting the weights and training in a different way for my body to be ready for the match. But, I'm trumping up my submissions with the Koji Clutch which somebody renamed it something strange on the pay-per-view. But, it's the Koji Clutch and I call it the I'll Tap You which is kind of a funny little name for it.

But, I always want to do something different. I don't want to have the same exact match every time. So, I think that it'll be a good story. I won my match by submission and Luke won his match by submission. So, it could technically be called a submission match unofficially.

WrestlingINC: I know Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe tried incorporating submissions and working an MMA-style in the past, but do you see that becoming more and more the evolution of working a wrestling match? Incorporating more submissions and ground and pound?

Richards: Yeah, as long as you don't hurt anybody. If you're going to hurt somebody, go to MMA for real. [Laughs.] That's the difference. Can you do it in their style where it's entertaining/psychology and you don't kill your opponent. We're all trying to make a living. I mean, if somebody is going to hit me like that, I might as well go down to America's Top Team and train because I'm getting hit anyway.

WrestlingINC: You've been in the business for 22 years now. The business was kind of on the downside when you started, then exploded immensely and now it's kind of on another down turn. What are your thoughts on the business today?

Richards: It's a money-making business. I mean, Vince is making a lot of money. They could shut down WWE tomorrow and just run everything OnDemand with all the difficult historical stuff and it's a cashcow. It'll make money no matter what.

I wish that the characters or the people that are on TV would be allowed to do what we did in ECW and experiment and really broaden our horizons with who we are in the ring and be special. I don't think that they're are enough people that are out there on TV that are special. It seems very much more cookie-cutter than I've ever seen before.

WrestlingINC: Do you think that's one of the problems and why it's declining in popularity? It's still making a lot of money as you said. But, wrestlers today seem more cookie-cutter and are given scripted promos. So, their real, individual personalities don't seem to come out as much.

Richards: Yeah, I suffered from that. I've seen it from where I was able to just go out and hit bullet points and be myself, to the scripted stuff. If you'd look at some of the stuff I've done, you'd go 'Wow, that's totally scripted.' I'm just not used to that, I never got used to that. You couldn't really argue with the writers unless you were one of the top guys like Steve Austin or something, I would never say something because the writers are the writers.

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