Stevie Richards On Calling TNA An Indy League With TV, Scripted Promos, Extreme Rising, More

I'm sure they're under the pressure of that creative strains as well and I feel bad for the guys. There are a lot of guys that I know that outside do have great personalities and probably could get over more as themselves. Unfortunately, they have to make a living and get their check every week. It becomes a job.

WrestlingINC: Yeah. You were there when they made that switch from doing the bullet points for your promos to pure scripted. What was the feeling backstage? I know you couldn't speak out about it or complain about it upstairs. What was the backstage feeling? Did some people like it or was it pretty negative down the line?

Richards: Well, you have the people that come from my era that were fortunate enough to learn from not as much territories as people in the '80's or people that had more experience than me, but I worked a lot of independents and different places. I learned from guys from WWF at the time and NWA and all the different guys used to be on the independents coming up. So, I learned how to work and learned different things.

Then, ECW was a great mix of different people coming in. And just trial and error, Paul E. telling me 'Yeah, just go out there and try it. If it fails, then it fails.' That's how the bWo happened. 'Let's try it, let's see what happens.' We did a thing where we did the Jackson 5, that bombed. [Laughs.] You know what I mean? But we had the ability to try, to succeed or fail on our own.

Unfortunately, that's not what I started to see in WWE and I hated. I'm sure a lot of other guys hated it. But, the newer guys are trained, I think, to be cookie-cutter and scripted actors. So, maybe there's not as much of a dislike among the new guys as much as the old guys.

WrestlingINC: I also had to ask you about this: is it true that you pitched the perfect game on MLB 2011 but missed the million dollar contest that they had?

Richards: Yeah. It was March 8th that the game was released. I got it, of course, the first day, brought it back and pitched the perfect game with everything on default if you look on the video. People say I did it on rookie, but I got the achievement on pro mode. So, I did everything on default with the Phillies and the Phillies had Halladay obviously. It was the first game against the Astros and I just pitched the perfect game. They just kept biting on sinkers and change-ups and stuff. So, I recorded the last inning and a half on my Youtube channel and it's up there. But, it was a little too early.

Now, I never asked for money from 2k Sports but I think it was a little stupid on there part. I was actually wrestling on TV. I can't remember what I was on. I think I was on TNA or lucha libre but I had some exposure. I wanted to do some social media stuff with them but they never got back to me.

They did release a patch, they did release a huge patch so no one strikes. [Laughs.] I tried to do that again maybe two months later just for fun and to see if I could do it. And right off the bat, every inning, they must have known. They were bunting down the third base line every inning on me with the lead off batter. They should name the patch after me. [Laughs.]

WrestlingINC: Thanks again for the interview, Stevie. Do you have any final thoughts or plugs for the readers of our site?

Richards: Yeah, I'd love them to check out my technology site It's getting pretty popular. I was fortunate enough to be on FOX and Friends first on black Friday and I'm getting more and more exposure as the tech expert -- which I hate that word because it puts a lot of pressure on me. I like enthusiast better. That gives me more room to make mistakes. And the wrestling fans aren't that forgiving, I've known that over the past 22 years.

But, they can go to and it's a hub for my Youtube channel, my podcast and all sorts of cool stuff.

Click here for the first part of our interview, where Richards talked about his time with ECW and WWE, his favorite moment in WWE, if WWE's ECW could have worked, his WWE departure and more. You can follow Richards on Twitter at @MichaelManna. You can also visit Richards' tech website, by clicking here.

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