Re-Post - TNA Impact Results (With Tons Of Video)

Re-Post - TNA Impact Results (With Tons Of Video) Photo: 1 Raiders Fan
-Impact begins with a recap of recent happenings. It's Open Fight Night. We go to pyro and crowd shots.

-Bully Ray's music hits and he comes to the ring in jeans. Bully says there is no doubt that he and Hulk Hogan don't get along. He says he has a lot of respect for Hogan and calls him out to talk. Brooke Hogan comes out to Hulk's music after a delay. Brooke says Hulk isn't there and that, "He knows." Bully wonders how he could know when there is nothing to know. Brooke wants to show Hogan the man that she knows Bully is. Bully storms out of the ring and they argue up the ramp.

-The announcers talk about what just happened and welcome us to Open Fight Night. Austin Aries' music hits to interrupt them.

-Aries gets in the ring and berates the crowd. Aries says he would have beaten Jeff Hardy last week had it not been for Bobby Roode. Aries calls Roode out to settle it like men but not right now. He says the only place Roode or Aries should wrestle is in the main event.

-Back from a break as Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring. Joe says he is here to pick a fight. He calls out any member of Aces & 8's face to face. He says he will unmask them. One of the large masked men walks out alone.

Samoa Joe vs. Aces & 8's Member

Joe goes right at the guy as the bell rings. Joe hits an Enzuigiri in the corner but the guy rakes the eyes and runs over Joe with a clothesline. The masked man continues with strikes to the head and gets 2. Joe moves in the corner and comes back with a knee to the face. Joe catches him with an inverted atomic drop and hits a Senton. Joe applies a rear choke and the man fades as the ref rings the bell.

Winner by submission: Samoa Joe

Joe goes to remove the man's mask but other members of the club rush the ring and Joe gets some before escaping up the ramp.

-Robbie E., with Robbie T., has words with Jesse in the back. Robbie E. challenges Jesse to a "Bro-Off."

-Kenny King and Christian York talk in the back. King praises York in an arrogant way. King leaves and York asks, "Where do they find these guys?"

-The Robbie's come to the ring. Robbie E. says it's Open Bro Night. He calls out the "wanna-be Robbie E.," Jesse. Jesse comes out with Tara. Robbie says that in a "Bro-Off," it's every bro for himself and everything has to end in a "bro." The music hits and Robbie E. begins to 'dance.' He tells Jesse to top that. Jesse does a pose-down in a spotlight. Jesse presses Tara over his head and ends with a kiss. He ends in a "dude." Robbie E. says it's "bro's not ho's" and Jesse is disqualified for ending in "dude." Robbie T. interrupts and does his own pose-down complete with a dance and pressing Robbie E. over his head. Robbie T. says "bro" and walks up the ramp to cheers. Robbie E's mouth hangs open.

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