Re-Post - TNA Impact Results (With Tons Of Video)

Winners by pin: Chavo & Hernandez

-Jeff Hardy talks about Roode and Aries in the back. He praises their ring skills but doesn't like them as people. He is going to enjoy watching them beat the crap out of each other.

-Aces & 8's talk to Mr. Anderson about joining their team. Anderson is enticed by two hot girls. He says he doesn't know if this is something he wants to do. One of the girls whispers in his ear and he says he needs time to think about it.

-Gail Kim makes her way to the ring. Gail says 2012 was her year. She calls out Miss Tessmacher for her fluke victory over Kim.

Gail Kim vs. Miss Tessmacher

They lock up and Kim hits an early armdrag. They put on a mini-clinic. Tessmacher hits boots in the corner and hits the Stinkface. Tessmacher knocks Kim to the floor and goes out to bring her back in. Kim gets the advantage on the way in and hits a suplex for 2. Kim tries a Hurricanrana from up top but Tessmacher holds on and Kim hits the mat hard. Tessmacher flies off and gets 2. Kim comes back with kicks and whips Tessmacher into the corner for a splash. Kim rubs her butt in Tessmacher's face and slams her down on her butt. Tessmacher comes back with clotheslines and a faceplant for 2. Kim avoids a big elbow from up top and hits Eat Defeat for the win.

Winner by pin: Gail Kim

-Austin Aries and Bobby Roode are out next.

-Bobby Roode is introduced and he makes his way to the ring. Austin Aries comes to the ring.

Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode

They lock up and Roode backs Aries into the corner. They stop to applaud each other. They shake and simultaneously kick each other in the gut. Aries hurts his knee and calls for a time-out. Roode goes for a figure-four but Aries kicks him out of the ring and jumps around to show he is fine.

-We cut to Hardy watching in slow motion at ringside as we hear his thoughts. He says Aries and Roode do not deserve to be champion and something must be done. We go to commercial.

-We're back to action in the ring as Roode hits a suplex on Aries but misses with a knee. Aries takes control but misses with an elbow. Roode puts Aries up top and tries a superplex but Aries fights it off and they clap each other's ears. Roode is finally knocked to the mat and Aries flies off with a missile dropkick but Roode swats it away. Roode charges but Aries catches him in the Last Chancery. Roode counters into a crossface but Aries counters out. They trade shots and chops in the corner. Roode asks for a time-out and pins Aries with his feet on the ropes but the ref sees it. Aries grabs the tights but the ref sees that as well. Roode goes to the floor and grabs a chair and brings it in the ring. The ref takes it from him and Aries hits a shot to Roode for 2. Aries goes out and gets the chair but the ref takes it. Both men argue with Earl and kick him in the gut and throw him out. They have a tug-of-war over the chair as Jeff Hardy's music hits. Hardy appears from behind as they focus on the ramp and clotheslines both men. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on Roode and clotheslines Aries to the floor. Hardy stands tall in the ring.

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