WWE Superstars Best Of 2012 Recap: CM Punk Clashes With The Rock, End Of An Era Match And More

Next up, the focus is on the anger management sessions between Daniel Bryan and Kane, which led to the formation of Team Hell No. It was a hilarious vignette that had a heartwarming style music applied.

It shows the two hugging it out, and the post hug out fight where Kane nails a chokeslam and Bryan hits Kane with a chair. This led into the tail end of a match where Team Hell No faced the Prime Time Players on September 10th for the number one contendership for the Tag Team Titles.

It opens with Darren Young applying a choke to Bryan. Bryan fights back and nails a flying kick. Kane signals for him to be tagged in, but Bryan says no and hits his multiple chest kicks. Kane tags himself in hard and whips Young into the corner, followed with a big clothesline.

He then hits another clothesline and then nails his trademark sidewalk slam for a near fall. Kane goes up to the top rope and nails a flying lariat. He then hits a chokeslam, and Titus O'Neil runs in and Kane sends him over the top rope. Bryan tags himself in hard and Kane chokeslams Bryan onto Young, causing Young to be pinned. Bryan and Kane become the new number one contenders.

Up next, a vignette highlighting Raw 1000 is shown. Clips include DX attacking an interrupting Damien Sandow, Lita beating Heath Slater with help from the APA, Miz winning the Intercontinental Title, Mae Young and Mark Henry's hand child, Vince McMahon's announcement of AJ as general manager of Raw, The Rock attacking Daniel Bryan, Undertaker and Kane fighting off all the undercard wrestlers and their double tombstones and Triple H and Brock Lesnar fighting.

Then, Cena's Money in the Bank cash in from Raw 1000 is shown. Cena and Punk tie up in the center of the ring and Cena backs Punk into the corner. The ref breaks it up and the tie back up. Punk hits some big chest chops but Cena clubs him with some forearms to the back. Cena hits a takedown.

Punk fights out and nails Cena with a kick to the back, and then a backbreaker for a near fall. Punk locks in a chin lock, and Cena fights back to his feet. They go back and forth with strikes.

Cena comes out on top and hits his multiple shoulder knockdowns. Punk reverses and nails a standing dropkick, and then a clothesline. Punk hits his trademark high knee. He goes for the bulldog, but Cena counters into a spin out powerbomb. He signals for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but Punk kicks him in the head twice.

Punk signals for the GTS, but Cena fights out and shoves Cena into the ref. He then nails the AA, but the ref can't count the pin.

Back from commercial, and Big Show runs out and nails Cena with a spear. He signals for the Knockout Punch and successfully lands it. Punk looks on in disbelief and tries to rouse the ref. Punk pins Cena for a near fall.

Punk picks up Cena for the GTS, but Cena reverses it into the STF. Show runs out again and hits Cena with an elbow drop as the ref calls for the bell. Show unloads on Cena.

The Rock runs out for the save, and hits a big spine buster on Show. He goes for the People's Elbow, but Punk breaks it up by nailing Rock with a flying clothesline. Punk then mocks Rock and hits the GTS on him.

Back from commercial, and Punk's 400+ day title reign is the new focus. A vignette is shown highlighting his various title defenses against the likes of Del Rio, Jericho, Cena and Big Show.

Punk's promo from this week on Raw where Punk talks about how Ryback has ruined the holidays is then shown. Punk talks about how Ryback will receive no punishment for hurting him, and that Ryback is crazy for thinking he is going to get a shot at his title while he is still rehabbing.

Paul Heyman then chastises the crowd for booing Punk, and then goes on to mention his alleged CM Punk targeting conspiracy. Ryback interrupts and Heyman says that if Ryback touches Punk they will sue him. Ryback says that if Punk is cleared to wrestle in two weeks, that he will face Punk for the WWE Title in a TLC match.

Scott Stanford then closes the show. What did you think of WWE Superstars this week? Sound off in the comments section below.

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