WWE Superstars Best Of 2012 Recap: CM Punk Clashes With The Rock, End Of An Era Match And More

WWE Superstars Best Of 2012 Recap: CM Punk Clashes With The Rock, End Of An Era Match And More
Superstars opens up with Scott Stanford. This edition of the show is set to be a special "Best of Raw 2012" version.

First up is from Over The Limit in May, when Big Show returned from being fired by John Laurinaitis to attack John Cena. A video is shown where Big Show talks about how he doesn't care about anyone else or what people think. A bunch of clips are shown highlighting the humorous things he has done in the past to reinforce how he is sick of being a joke.

Some of the clips shown include Show with a big blonde wig, dancing with Rikishi, riding an electric bull and his Wrestlemania sumo match against Akebono. Then, it shows him devastating a bunch of opponents (applying the Colossal Clutch to Santino Marella, slamming Brodus Clay, knocking out John Cena). Then, Show talks about how he was sick of doing crap for 18 years, and it shows him dressed up like a Viking, like Hulk Hogan and like Pee Wee Herman.

Big Show says he's not an entertainer, but a giant. Scott Stanford talks about how Show beat Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Title.

Next up is the tail end of Show and Sheamus' LumberJack Frost match from Raw on Monday.

Show is pressing the attack on Sheamus in the center of the ring. Sheamus fights back with a couple body punches, and bounds off the ropes for a double axe handle, but Show picks him up into a bear hug. Sheamus fights out with some forearms to the head.

He then knocks Show down several times and hits two shoulders to the gut, but Show lands a clothesline for a near fall. Show hits a big elbow drop for another near fall.

Show goes up for a Vader bomb, but Sheamus rolls out of the way and hits White Noise for a near fall. Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick, but Show catches it and sends him out of the ring. The heel Lumberjacks immediately begin attacking him, and the face Lumberjacks run over to save him, which leads to a huge brawl.

Tensai sends Sheamus back into the ring and Show signals for the knockout punch. Sheamus ducks it and nails a quick, standing Brogue Kick for the win. Immediately, all the Lumberjacks swarm the ring and a huge fight erupts. The face Lumberjacks clear out the bad ones and celebrate in the ring.

Next up, a vignette is shown that focuses on Triple H and Undertaker's End of an Era match. Taker talks about how all he could think about was his previous match with Triple H, and Triple H talks about how he isn't going to be the one to end the era.

Undertaker talks about how Shawn Michaels was better than Triple H and goads him into fighting again.

A vignette is then shown where various wrestlers talk about their opinion of the End of an Era match. John Cena said that it lived up to the hype, and Randy Orton said the electricity for that match was unlike any other. Cody Rhodes said that he was at the edge of his seat, and CM Punk said that it was so good because everyone was lost in the moment.

William Regal says that the match meant more to Triple H and Taker than life itself. Then, a series of still photos from the match are shown. They are mostly the aftermath of big moves. Miz then says he could hear all 50 chair shots in his ears still. Then, they all talk about how Michaels Superkicked Undertaker, which led to Triple H nailing a pedigree, but Taker still kicked out.

They all then talked about how their match was truly the end of an era, and that it will go down in history as one of the best matches of all time.

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