WWE SmackDown Results - Big Show Vs Del Rio, Miz Vs. Ziggler & More, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

WWE SmackDown Results - Big Show Vs Del Rio, Miz Vs. Ziggler & More, Sound Off With Your Thoughts
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-SmackDown begins with a recap package of the Sheamus-Big Show and AJ-Dolph situations.

-We go right to crowd shots. We are in Rochester, NY. Josh Mathews welcomes us to the show. It's the final show of 2012. He is joined by JBL.

-Sheamus' music hits and he comes down the aisle, introduced by Lilian Garcia.

Sheamus hopes everyone had a Merry Christmas. He says he drank gallons of eggnog-flavored ale and received a year's worth of sunscreen from his "ma." His New Year's Resolution is to be the new World Champion but he says there is no time like the present and calls Big Show out. Big Show saunters out to the ring and tells the crowd to stop 'booing' him. Show asks Sheamus if he looks like Santa Claus to him. The crowd yells, "Yes!" and Sheamus agrees but he says Show is fatter. Show says Sheamus will never tell him when to defend his title. Sheamus calls him a coward but Show says he is not scared of anything. They get face to face and Sheamus says he is here for a fight and takes off his shirt. Show begs off and Booker T's music hits.

Booker comes on the stage and says Show beat Sheamus at TLC but Sheamus won on Monday so… Show interrupts him and says he is done with Sheamus and he is not worthy. Show says nobody in the locker room is worthy and they are all inferior wannabe's. Booker says Show will be in action tonight. Booker says all those wannabes' names will be put in a tumbler and the chosen one will face Show tonight for the title. Teddy Long leads the locker room out on the stage. Show says this is ridiculous and the winner of this lottery will get knocked out.

The tumbler is brought out and Teddy and Eve argue about who is going to spin it. The tumbler falls to the floor and Teddy picks it up for Booker to pick a ball. It's Santino. Santino plays trumpet on the stage as Show laughs in the ring. Show approaches Santino on the stage and Santino runs and asks Booker if he's sure it said Santino. Show gets in Santino's face and intimidates him, then walks away.

-Back from a break as Epico and Primo are in the ring with Rosa Mendes. Brodus Clay makes his entrance with The Funkadactyls.

Brodus Clay vs. Primo

Primo goes at Clay with shots to the face. Clay catches Primo off the ropes and slams him down. Clay takes care of Epico on the apron and hits a splash on Primo for the win.

Winner by pin: Brodus Clay

Rosa gets in Clay's face in the ring and gets laid out by Cameron and Naomi. They dance with Clay in the ring with some kids.

-Santino and Sheamus talk in the locker room. Sheamus teaches Santino how to do the Brogue Kick. Santino gives it a try and on the 3rd attempt, he pulls his hamstring and falls to the floor in agony.

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